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Our top story and eleven in the Florida election one close race had been settled, the two others are now undergoing a hand recount, it appears that Republican Rhonda Santa's is going to be the next Florida governor since a machine recount determined his lead in votes over democratic contender. Andrew gillum was holding up. Florida's US Senate agriculture Commissioner races. However are headed for a hand. Recount Florida's secretary of state order the Senate recount because the latest machine recount tally showed Republican Rick Scott leading democratic combat Bill Nelson by a very narrow margin Thursday with the deadline for counties to turn in their machine. Recount results. The act Commissioner race was also within the margin for a hand recount that recount has to be completed by Sunday. I'm Ellen MC, bro. And the meantime hills relations supervisor Craig Latimer says his office is canvassing under and over vote balanced today counties machine recount came up with eight hundred fewer votes. Thanks to a power outage. Disabled one of the high speed. Scanners. So Latimer said the county submitted to the state its initial unofficial results didn't have time to recount the balance. That's like a ten hour process. So the canvassing board which is loud. Also in the statute that you revert to your first and officials in we felt unanimously that the last thing we were going to do is take votes for people. You know, we want we want the people to have the votes. Latimer says eight hundred valid difference would not have changed. The results of any race. Heels row county deputies investigating three desk that story is next. But first a check on traffic. Here's daisy ash central credit union free checking traffic.

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