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He's not going to be the captain. Here's one i'm gonna ask you this question. 'cause i someone that i thought about. I'm not going to do it. But it's my answer to this question for you jordan. Dangerfield's gun yes. Who do you think and they talking about. This would be really important that it is. Who do you think is going to be the up man on the punt team that is the guy causes formation calls in guys sets them if they have to come into block rather than be outlined. And everything else. If there's gonna be fake he's gonna call it or things like that. Who do you think is gonna fill that role who is mainly one of your most important special teamers other than your specialists for the steelers this year. You know what. I was trying to think about the idea to make this list and i wasn't sure if i had anybody picked out for that i do. I do and it's someone that i thought about. I'm like you just. I just don't see someone being a captain their first year in pittsburgh. I think it's good to be mouse gilbert who they signed on the lines. That's what i think is going to be there. I think he's he was basically. In my opinion he was brought in in the jordan dangerfield role. He's special teams ace but they could probably use them more on defense. That's just what i think. I think that's a guy that that could be there and do that. A cre- thinks is going to be derek. What that he could be the guy as as the up man. So if that's the case then i could very well see what being being the the especially in captain. I dismissed him right away. Because i thought we had one year in pittsburgh and he missed a lot of time there and you know which is a shame because part of the reason i said. Hey i'm okay with steelers signing him because his best abilities is availability because he had never missed a game in his career and then he comes to pittsburgh in four game last year so all. Yeah i guess that's an honestly that was probably why he was brought in in place of roosevelt mix because of thinking he was going to be more available so if he's not available this year this will be his last year in pittsburgh or he honestly because he'll be going into his last the last year of his deal so but i'm hoping he can really be a good special teams guy anything else you wanna say about the subject he rich. You know what there was. Another person out. There are actually considered becoming forty forty percent of the snaps. And kind of and you. And i we love this guy forty percent snaps. I'm looking okay. i'm ready okay. Go ahead. what mine in favorites. Okay and that would be henry monday henry. I know these theme. I mean he brings a lot on special teams so he goes. But there's i mean there are so line see another guy that played a lot of snaps. If someone like marcus allen yes you know so that was. That one's tough. I mean james played a lot of of special teams snaps last year. But he playing more corner whether in some package or not. He might not have many snaps. I don't know Here's someone that i thought about. But i didn't say it because he didn't have very many special teams snaps last year but he might end up with more this year. Do you think. Because of the return of one devon bush in the emergence of one roberts splaine that one vince williams vinicio. I think it's it's williams. Then ev- ichi key might be playing more special team snaps. Because i think if that's the plan he could be your special teams captain. I just don't know that that's going to be. I don't know if that's going to be the plan or not. And that's i thought about him. And i was going to have him high because i'm like he would be a great special teams captain if they're going to relegate him to playing special teams and. I don't know that they're going to do that. So yeah and then. There's right here like chris and live chat and i would be okay with this. He says i want jordan dangerfield back just as give. I'm confession. i finally deleted it a few weeks ago. I wrote two articles before the start of the league year in march two have already written so we had to do is throw it a little bit of data slap in a tweet hit publish will be get up there. Quick of players that the steelers were were going to sign for the twenty twenty one season. One of those articles published zach. Banner the other one. I had to delete because it was jordan. Dangerfield thought for sure he was one of those guys that they were going to bring back. Veteran minimum. Wouldn't even really be counting. You know where they get the the the break towards the salary cap of this psalm. One year deal where even though he's making nine hundred ninety thousand dollars. He's only counting eight hundred fifty. That's that veteran salary. Benefit is what that's called but then they signed miles killer bruin that kind of right there just told we talked about it on staff even with with. Bts's were like. I think the killebrew kind of nixed. The whole jordan dangerfield return so interesting so that's just one of those things. A lot of people were giving some some comments is the first ever lived. That the live chat that much but he breached. You want to take a few minutes questions or do you want see some oil. Well mention inter wilbur. Put up their ass about antoine brooks. You know yeah. And how much he he. He only played two percent of the special teams snaps last year. He didn't play very many games remember. he didn't even team. He was on the practice squad. Crackhead he did make some appearances. We'll see what he has to do this year right now. is there. yeah. I would expect those numbers for him to pick up. I don't know if they're going to pick up to forty plus percent or not. We'll see we'll see we're going to think about five minutes of questions here. I just put it out there in the in the live chat. If someone has a question would if you wanna make sure you can use the super chat feature just drop whatever amount in there and put your question. Don't feel like you need to do it. we're not here. Soliciting.

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