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Demise report Next NewsRadio 600 Kogo. This is the demise report. The fight continues. Yes. So Carl Bernstein and Woodward and Bernstein is up there whenever they want to trash, a Republican. Uh, they bring them out. You know, it's it's as bad or worse than Watergate, bad or worse than Watergate. Your memory may not go back this far. But this is the same guy that they trotted out against George W. Bush. So what happened in Iraq is as bad or worse than Watergate. ER, uh, Mitt Romney's binders of women. What happened in those binders is as bad or as worse is Watergate. Just stop it. You are, uh, the epitome. Of a mouthpiece in the media who just has a biased worldview your liberal and you have an agenda. You're a liar, Carl Bernstein. When I want to prove it, sir. And I exposed Watergate. Oh, you were the only one on assignment that day you lucked out. Could have been any random obituary writer that got that. So you're no grand poobah. You epitomise the problem in the media, that's all. You're from a corrupt industry. And your comments were False defamatory. Ignorant. All the above. So you just heard Carl Bernstein make up a crime that does not exist Crimes against democracy. Then flat out lie so that Donald Trump could enrich his family. And then roping all Republicans and Republicans. The entire Republican Party colluded and collaborated with us. Trump to do this. What is he talking about? He's talking about the fact that in the context of an investigation Requested by the White House Office of General Counsel. Don McCann. Uh into leaks. From the White House. Concerning top secret and confidential information. That the Department of Justice In Investigating. Possible violations of federal law. By White House staff, by the way. That they may have Come across, requested. Received documents. That contained phone numbers of people on Capitol Hill. Now, why would that be the case? Well, let me explain this. Suppose you have an NSC staffer. National Security Council staff are working at the White House. And, uh, your administration opens up the newspaper The Washington toast the New York slimes or looks at CNN. Certainly not news credible. No, never. And they say Burger news breaking news Breaking news sources inside the White House and the most senior and those sensitive positions have confirmed that Donald Trump said the following to Russia President Vladimir Putin in a call that occurred yesterday. And the White House general counsel sitting there, saying Hold on a second. Only people who are eligible to listen in on that call has security clearance. And it was not to be revealed. If you reveal this information, it could be a crime. We need to find out who the hell gave out that information. Because they have committed a crime. And We don't want them anywhere near Are sensitive information. Travis, Do you know that? Uh, if someone has a background of committing crimes, they're not allowed. To get security clearance at the White House and a lot of staffers during Trump's time, just like Clinton's time in Bush's time and Obama's time and even Biden's time have basically been offered a job. And then that job has been Withdrawn because they don't pass the background check. Did you know that I was not aware of that, but that that would make sense? I mean, if I was trying to be a cop, and I had a criminal history, I don't know seems like could be tough to get that job. So if you work at the White House, and you're found to have given out sensitive, confidential top secret information we don't want you weren't at the White house anymore. Because once a cheat always achieved If you've demonstrated lack of integrity and breaking the rules. Then you don't have good judgment. If you don't have good judgment. You shouldn't be nowhere around the White House. So this is not a witch hunt of our enemies. No. This is a standard investigation where the White House Office of General Counsel Don McGahn, uh, comes out and says it's my job to make sure that people are operating in an ethical manner. Now, William Barr. Um uh, commented to the media on this and and we'll take a look at what politico does. And again. This is how the media lies. You Here's the headline from Politico, uh from story about former Attorney General William Barr's comments regarding this possible probe. Quote, bar distance and distances himself from Trump era subpoenas of Democrat lawmakers. That's not what bar did. Barr says when asked about whether the Department of Justice, um obtained communication records belonging to two prominent Democrat lawmakers. Uh, he said, I don't recall getting briefed on that at all. This is the first time I'm hearing about it. I don't recall getting briefed on that. Bar went on to say. That When he was attorney general quote he was not aware of any congressman's records being sought in any leak case. He also went on to say that Trump never encouraged him to investigate Democrat lawmakers. He went on to say Trump was not aware of who we were looking at in any case is handled by my department. I never discussed the lead cases with Trump quote unquote. Quote unquote. He did not ask me any of the specifics, end quote. Now. The headline said bar distances himself from Trump era subpoenas as though Oh, I don't I don't know anything about it that I that that would not be appropriate. I didn't have anything to do with it. Is not what he said. He said. First I'm hearing of it. I know that Trump didn't instruct it, uh, and if it if it were related to Trump and if Trump were quote unquote telling us to go after Democrat lawmakers, I'm the guy that he would call and say, you can need to do this. Because he was the attorney general..

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