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They need to go in the garbage junkies Marie Fiori says workers have had to remove those products by hand daily to prevent significant damage and now your weather highs today reaching eighty degrees in the Seattle area not quite as warm tomorrow but still lots of sunshine out there on Saturday temperatures dip into the sixties with showers and a chance of thunderstorms right now sixty four degrees outside the Carter super studios I'm Erin Burnett stream Cairo radio at home on your smart speakers Cairo radio at Michael with west dot com Cairo radio your first source said no one understand coronavirus well not worry studios show Jeez happy Thursday to you and thank you for listening to the G. and there's less show pictures show for you today at ten AM today well we'll talk about the protests going on in Minnesota by the way ever wonder why some situations are called riots in summer call protests anyways we discussed that at ten o'clock at nine forty seven women considering divorcing husband after in laws by a house next door you know what I'm actually into the in laws living next door I'll tell you why that is at nine forty seven in in at nine thirty scared Americans that are scared to travel all are buying something and I can't wait to discuss it because I'm actually kind of down with it right now let's get to the shop the morning or slow morning yeah happy Thursday to you are you what are you saying that are you dancing I was dancing and it's going to be another beautiful sunny day and I got a chance to spend time in my backyard yesterday who actually put some sunscreen on that was a good sign well you you have put sunscreen on well if I actually get to lay out and get a little bit of sunshine that's a good day for me all right well had to talk about that because this part is not cool yeah we got to bring up we got to talk about it we've officially hit a hundred thousand coronavirus.

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