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Raymond Ibrahim, welcome to the program. Hi, Eric. Great to be with you. Thanks. Don't be nervous that you're sitting in for John's mirac. Others have done it before. Many of them have died, violent deaths. But I'm just saying, just put that out of your mind. But when John's mirac raves and raves about someone, it's really not difficult to us for us to understand, we need to get this person. And so we're just really grateful to you for coming on. And tell my audience a little bit about yourself. I mentioned that you're the author of a brand new book called defenders of the west, the Christian heroes who stood against Islam. What is your own background? I know you have an Egyptian background as well. Yeah, so my family is the cops Coptic every time I say that word coughs have to people ask me what precincts I come from, but cops Coptic of course the indigenous Christians from Egypt so my parents immigrated to the United States in the mid 60s. I was born and raised here. Because of that background being coming from a Christian minority sect from the Middle East, surrounded by Islam. I was always interested in, of course, in those issues, but then in college, as you mentioned, Victor David saints and was my professor for many years and I'm proud to say a friend and mentor and so forth. I naturally gravitated towards history, military history, and then long story short in 2001 when I was writing my master's thesis with the Victor Davis as Victor David Sanchez my chair. It was actually about the first military encounter between Islam and the west for really Christianity, Christendom. And because I was employing the languages I was studying, Arabic and Greek and so forth. And anyway, long story short, and then that's when 9 11 happened and I went to Georgetown university, studied there for a little bit in their contemporary center for Arab studies, which is, as I later found out, it was very ideologically charged. And I left there. Despite stellar performance, I might add straight age, but I had to leave there just because of the political reasons and then I got a job at the Library of Congress in the near east section where I dealt with Arabic materials and other Middle Eastern languages. Sounds writings by Al-Qaeda in the early 2000s and long story short. That got translated into my first book, the Al-Qaeda reader,

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