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Friday season. Five with your host. With the most charmer traveling coast coast and day. We have made a stop in. Cincinnati ohio by way of indianapolis indiana. You might be taking charles. So were you bring it on today. Well through my youngest brother patrick. He's been following a young man by the name of my cows and he is an inspirational speaker. And i had a chance to check them out on youtube and his website in which is really impressed by some of the teams he had to say and so us as dad's fathers and father figures i figure why not bring him on the show and see how the can help us chasing transformed and be the best version of ourselves best version as a dad. We can allow meaning introduce mike house our doing trauma. Thanks for having me today. Man all is well very molest on this cloudy day here in cincinnati ohio but as we were chopping it up earlier just grateful grateful to be here for another day so many people didn't make it today so i'm just grateful for the breath of life and before we jump in and i i really wanted to give a shoutout as you've already done to make sure that i give give my piece here to your brother. Patrick patrick williams appreciate you. Connecting the tool and thankful following are really really grateful for the support pat. You heard it first men Use a man that made it happiness so we wanna give a shout out to you and and so full we again today. Man you know just give us just a little bit about yourself and and and how will come a inspirational speaker as you recall. Yeah so i've joked right in man it's been a journey is really been a journey. It has not been something that i just say. Oh i think. I want to be his perations speaker today but it really started when i was thirty years. Old man okay and at the age of thirty camel and it was really terrified. I was extremely terrified to say the least. Because i didn't want my son to be likely as far back as i can recall a struggle with with a lot of self limiting beliefs about myself disempowering and the most prominent being self hate lack of self love and i it had always been that way as far back as i can recall but i never fully understood i thought it was just who i was gonna create right okay but looking back over my life today i can say that might environment play a huge role in my beliefs because we tend to model the behavior that we've been exposed to and that's why i was really perplexed and terrified horrified heart when i learned i was going to have a son because i did want my son to to have the same beliefs that i had and so as i was born too young parents young parents that had a very unhealthy relationship When my parents got married a memorial is five months pregnant with me walking down the how literally and by the time i was born four softballs later. Their marriage was practically over mama very intelligence. Smart lady beautiful. She had her own challenges. She dealt with some mental health issues and my father on other hand he was what i call a tortured soul and torture. Soul is is so one. That is caring. Kindhearted will give you the shirt off their back but they also have a lot of inner turmoil entertainments f- father a lot of that down from his upbringing and from his environment. Several years ago My grandmother shared with me. She said you know what. Mike society major father the way he was at one point when he was a chow he was chasing every day and one day he was running out decided to lock the door on. And you can't run on fair you wanted to stand up and fight for yourself. And so that's what he did but to be clear. My father was not one that that sought out trouble by any means but if trouble order com his way he will not back down standards his ground and so that's that's what he desired. Most in life was family. He was a family man. And that's what i admire about him. He loved his parents his siblings and most important his children. He loved my mother dearly but that relationship was meant to be of very chaotic so he decided to remarry some years later but that relationship was even more chaotic and unfortunately when i was thirteen years old his wife's brother shot and killed my father and he was only thirty five now as a thirteen year. Old i didn't realize how young thirty five years until i turned thirty five myself now today. I'm thirty eight. And i could not imagine. I couldn't even imagine leaving this world three plus years ago so as you i was very troubled and this capacity i had this negative energy around me and most importantly that negative energy was with n me and it was bottled up over thirty years so for over thirty years i had this negative energy essentially i had become a tortured soul myself but to the outside looking in. You wouldn't be able to tell that you couldn't determine that because of the story and the story was a person that had defied cerebral odds by becoming a first generation college graduate by earning an nba by working for fortune. Five hundred companies with a quote unquote. Good job in any financial stress oppressor living in the bars with a beautiful family on a golf course green grass. No longer in the hood is do what i wanna do. Pretty much within reason so from the outside looking in it looked all well and good but the outside conditions are the biggest determining factor in fact. It didn't mean much to me at all because the inside. I was incomplete Hours not home..

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