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Hathaway wants to off. Her husband is this the thriller that everybody says it is trying to be and boy is it really trying to. I mean, it's trying to be a Hitchcock thriller. But it's really the first hour of is just as drug guy. You stumbling around this tropical island going out and trying to catch a fish until his ex wife comes in. It's like, yeah. Knock off my husband. They kinda overdue trying to make it so impactful and intense, and they like double down on the soundtrack every minute or two and did that it almost gets ludicrous. It's not a really good thriller is kind of boring, but about an hour in there something else that happens, which I can't even tell you because it would spoil stuff, but it changes a lot of things that have makes the movie not better. But more interesting, and it kind of got me through. I wanna see how it was all going to resolve it, it it gets an A for effort, you know, on the actors go good job. But it doesn't get any for anything. Else it it really does kind of stumble around not knowing exactly how to formulate things. I it does have great. You know, kind of like a nice turn. It spends too much screen time explaining what just happened. Wow. I mean, you've got some powerful actors in this thing and the supporting cast is big you'd think this would be a blockbuster. But it's it's sounds to me like there's going to be pretty middling movie. Yeah. It's it's not it's it's something that is Embiid and has a nice idea, but never quite a coalesced into a decent movie. It's gonna have stiff competition from STAN and Ollie..

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