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With support from city as far as empowered citizen. By the way it happens in in the past, this committee has been very active and powerful, and set a lot of national standards in Boston Boston his long been They've tried to imagine new kinds of equipment for the disabled. They launched a lot of good pilot program and they've stepped up to help restaurants right now. comply with the ADA so that there can be ramps, and there could be outdoor seating, but one thing I don't understand from the story and maybe I. Got The numbers wrong. I haven't read it in a while is. That the as of the data, the rating of this story in the globe, This city head issued permission for I think three hundred restaurants to expand industry, which by the way I totally love. Not only I do I love it because it gives them a better chances thing in business I love the whole field of the streets, in Boston and Cambridge or wherever where people out and. I love it. The streets are closed. Or at least partially close, but while three hundred of those approvals have been given I think the same story said only ten ramps. have been approved if that's right. There's a big disconnect right if you're in the street by definition. To be in compliance, you need to be able to get somebody down ramp or operatic. No. I don't see that is so far this week. More than ten restaurants have requested and received ramps because it was a new initiative. Okay, they've just made the portable request form which the Boston Globe story linked to the needs will be assessed, so not every restaurant as I were call. It has a curb step up, so it depends on the height of your sidewalk and going down, if the person.

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