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From Yankee Stadium in New York. It's New York Yankees 2020. Baseball. To night, the first game of 60 in this abbreviated season, the Agnes here in Washington to play the world champion Washington Nationals, Garrett Cole is on the mound for the Yanks. Max Scherzer for Washington. The game will be seen nationwide. And what a kick off to this Craziest here we've ever spent. And the 60 game abbreviated Major League baseball season with coal and Scherzer, along with our producer engineer Jack Candy Maldonado. And my Yankees company era Susan Waldman. This is John Sterling. And this is the Nissan pre game show. And here is what's on the menu brought to you by food, John bringing you savings Value and rewards everyday shop Food town Now that smart but later on You'll hear from Brett Gardner's staple of the first game of the year on with Susan recorded obviously earlier today, and we'll have that's the leadoff spot and we'll have diamond notes who's hot? Who's not this state in Yankees history. And much more. But first of all, it's Susan on the manager's show with the skipper Aaron Boone, brought to you by your Mercedes Benz tristate dealer's shop online, over the phone or in person at your local Mercedes Benz tristate dealer in my both at Yankee Stadium. I'm Susan Woman, but down at Nationals Park in Washington, D C is the manager of the New York Yankees. That, of course, is Aaron Boone and it's sunny here and very hot. What's it doing down in Washington? We're going to play this game. You think it's Same. It's sunny and extremely hot. We had we had early hitting for about four or five guys, and it's pretty steamy out there. Summer in D. C like summer in the Bronx, you know it could get a little steamy, but And we're hopeful. I mean, I haven't heard anything. It looks like all systems Go on. You know I'm not a weatherman, but I hope I'm hopeful that we had that that window that let's just get this. You know, one of the things that I've noticed, and I heard Liberatore's this morning talking and I was talking to Brett Gardner. People are actually very emotional about this. That it's actually starting. You have eight people on this team, including Kyle Negocio Con who's 30 and Mike Ford, who was it was let go, is a rule five and came back and wasn't even on the roster. They are making their first opening day rosters and the emotion that Mike Ford put on his instagram. I mean, that's going to be wonderful for you to look around and look at all these kids, and I know it's a very strange year, but it's their first opening day roster. Um, you know, I think you know me well enough to know that, you know, Opening day is something that's very significant to me has been my entire life. You know, I feel like it's it's a celebration. It's it's a holiday. It's a celebration of not only our sport. Um, but You know, I've been going to opening day since I was in diapers. And, you know, this year is unique on so many different fronts. And, um, you know, maybe finally getting to this point here in late July. In a lot of ways. When we go out there tonight, it could be the most emotional one. I've been a part of and I think that's for a lot of people and I do see in the lineup Deejay LeMay. He was not in it, he said. He's being funny is just giving him an extra couple of days to come back and get a strength going. Yeah, um, he's he's doing really well. I just thought it was best to hold off at least another game here and, you know, especially with the off day tomorrow, and we've got money throwing a SIM game tomorrow, so he'll be able to get a number of that tomorrow as well. Um, I just thought it was best to hold off and then we'll see where we're at on Saturday. I just want to keep taking it day by day, and you know, in my conversations with deejay with strength and conditioning and training, I just want to make sure you know we're doing right by him as well. OK, and tonight the debut of Garrett Cole, who's been waiting for this moment for since he was a little boy, evidently who came out yesterday and was talking about how pressure is a privilege when somebody asked him about about pressure. How much are you looking forward to that? This is a matchup made in heaven if you'll if you'll look at it. How much are you looking forward to seeing this? Yeah, these air to heavyweight to me. Cole insurers are on the other side. Yeah, I'm excited for Garrett. Obviously, for me having the privilege of getting to know him, you know pretty well, you know, spending the last few months around each other quite a bit in the downtime, You know, just getting a peek behind the curtain about just, you know. The kind of special player person competitors that he is, and I know it's you know, It's been a long time coming for a lot of this, but I would imagine he's at the top of the list for this is a long time coming. I know he's really excited. I know he's ready to go. I know he's physically mentally and and a really good place. And, you know, I'm looking forward to him going out and And starting off his Yankee career. Aaron, Good luck. Have fun tonight. I hope you get this in beast Beast for the rains come Mike Trout. By the way, Who's a big weather person? He was talking to somebody, and he said, you might be delayed a little bit. But there's a window till about 11 o'clock after that. Yeah. I mean, that's what I'm saying. But I know Mike would know better. Good luck, Karen, and we'll talk tomorrow. Thank you. That was the manager's show Brought to you by R. W. J Barn of us..

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