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You i was thinking about i said this last sign on the angle we've unbelievable show on tap for tonight by the way you want to tune in dvr us a lot of your dvr and watching in the morning i prefer you watch live come on if i can live on five hours asleep every night you can look for whatever it is you can watch me late but if i thought about this i thought about that great struggles of our forefathers oh sorry and for mothers i don't want to offend everybody four mothers is that what we have to senna four people well i i was thinking about that uh george washington eighteen mile march with the soldiers to take on eight thousand of general cornwallis his troops and it was two hundred forty years ago yesterday the battle of princeton bitter cold eighteen miles in the darkness to take them on ultimately defeat them reenergize the troops imbue them with a new sense of confidence and optimism putting country which was at that point still fledgling fledgling republic putting country and freedom and our belief in love and independence ahead of self now how many of you have been really hurt by someone you love all of us have been i certainly have been i know a lot of you have been i truly believe that steve bannon loves donald trump as a as a person not not not that he loves everything about him but he loves the fact that he's stepped up when everybody said he would fail in his own way trump thought in fought really hard for the country again unconventional brash in your face but i believe that steve bannon loves the fact that donald trump did that so you have to love the person you can love the person not love everything about the purse or think well you could have done this differently maybe you should know no one should have met with the russian lawyer although it's not treason it's ridiculous but but you don't love everything they did what you love the person so he could be hurt personally and i'm not even sing that's what's motivating him but he could be hurt personally by what he thinks of the mistakes of people around the.

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