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Dot com. You can always check out the storm website. I tend to run under the radar Kelly. I get to talk to you, which I love, but I'm not out there doing a lot in the public. I tend to do much much more in my own backyard. I raise a lot of Helen Seattle. There's no question. You gotta meet Ginny. You've got to get to get a Seattle store and game. Are you going to get on a bike? And you gotta be Seattle. I I love every every part of that. Let's just before we jump into talking about the Seattle storm because I really do want to talk about that. I just want to kind of go of keep our footing in almost a Yale and Olympics. How's your athletic experienced influenced you as a business leader? So everything good about me. I blame on sports, but I will tell you that it took decades for some of the lessons to to actually land. It's not like I finished got my Olympic medal and trumped into the into the executive office and knew exactly how to act in the world. I really didn't it took a while to figure things out. But first of all people give up way too soon. That's probably one of the biggest is don't ever give up like don't give up. That's it doesn't mean necessarily that. If you're trying to open the door that you won't end up going through the window, and your path might change some, and you might realize that one goal is not exactly realistic. But inevitably something else becomes possible. Because of your persistence because of your dedication to an idea or some dream. That's one of the big ones the other one for me, which it really started to learn it in college and through rowing, but it really happened. It took so long is the importance of relationship and the importance and I'm not talking most intimate. Although, of course, that's important. I'm talking about whatever endeavor. You set your sights on accomplishing whether it's in sports, whether it's in business, whether.

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