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I'm Mary Corsetti fox news and there's none to waste the covert nineteen pandemic continues to take a toll on the economy but a new stimulus package signed by president trump on Friday is expected today to provide more relief with three hundred and ten billion dollars added to the paycheck protection program Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell suggested last week that states that find themselves in financial hardship due to the corona virus outbreak should consider filing for bankruptcy that drew sharp criticism from several governors White House economic adviser Kevin Hassett said on ABC's this week Sunday that he fully expects the states and the federal government to find a solution you know I'm just an economist but it feels like the constitution doesn't really allows states to declare bankruptcy and so that what's going to have to happen is that they're going to have to work things out and the federal government's gonna probably have to help them to I know president trump is open to negotiating a bipartisan way as he as he has been in the in the previous bills of twenty six point five million people have filed first time unemployment claims in the last five weeks this as gas prices drop the average U. S. price of regular grade gasoline fell nine cents over the past two weeks to a dollar ninety three per gallon meanwhile governor Andrew Cuomo says three hundred and sixty seven more people have died from the corona virus in New York state despite calling the number horrific the governor says it was less than half the daily number recorded at the height of the health crisis when people get the fax and they trust the facts in the understand the facts they do the right thing and that is a lesson that I hope people remember after this is all over and China reported three new coronavirus cases and no new deaths for the twelfth day in a row a total of seven hundred and twenty three people remain hospitalized and just under a thousand are being kept in isolation America is listening to fox news temperatures are pretty close to where they need to be for this time of year will fall back to around fifty under partly cloudy skies will kick off the work week with sunshine added up to.

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