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Pitch. and that's up stairs and outside. when things that we've seen a little bit more here in the second half as well Erin judge pulling the ball for home runs. he's been at center field opposite way guy and especially with that oblique strain seemed a little tentative one one is in that to really rotate through again let that power flight at the pool side but we've seen a couple of home runs to the pool side as of late when you were playing did you ever have. a rib cage strain intercostal oblique any of those yet now fortunately I've never had once you know surprised the two one. strike on the outside corner it's too into it wasn't until after I finish playing ESPN we had ESPN the weekend down in Orlando and we had a little home run derby I think is myself call rabbits and someone else against like lance Berkman told me this story guys in your your swing a weapon back with a ball that's where I strain my oblique it all my goodness to to to is caught on and mistrust him out and like it's off to a good start as he punches out judge there's two away with the bases empty and here comes Didi Gregorius quickly would tell you Travis like in six one one eighty twenty five years old a sixth round pick out of Ohio state the Ohio state Ohio State University that's right it was supposed to be David price last night they're just going with the bull pen game here today seven guys pitched last night including usually shot scene who is the opening day starter for the brewers and injure Cashner who was the opening day starter for the Orioles none of the seven run the opening day roster for the red Sox. the pitch the DD and that's outside and ball one of the heater at ninety six a book I'll just finish with this that that oblique it feels like someone has like they just they just take it at night and just pressed it into your side that's that's how it felt for me and I can only imagine.

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