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It didn't so now it's like we're now in us in another chapter of Hey, there's some good young pieces in place like middle stat. And, well, you mentioned somebody beyond that against very small sample sizes. Cousins writes a line and asp lend, you know? Look at the defense in that came up. I mean, not that he's like young young, but Borgen got playing time Samuelsson came up. Those pieces. There's some promise to see their Jeremy, but that was supposed to happen a few years ago. Now there should have been better young pieces playing in the NHL and having success right now, along with Your cornerstone pieces like Michael and Darlene. Along with the big trade you got for the goalscoring winger and Jeff Skinner. All that stuff was supposed to have come together. We're not supposed to be sitting here in 2021. Going backwards and saying it's okay if they trade I trade Eichel because there are some good young pieces in place for the next step for the franchise, and now they're going to add to the roster or build to the roster with whatever pieces come back for Michael for Reinhart and You know, whatever else they decide to do this off season. Yeah. If you're him. You're mean Anaheim is l A. That might be nice. Yeah, but I mean, you know, look at look at where they were like you were going through their ages. Right the way If someone read off the names and the ages of the players, you'd say, Well, clearly, you know, the ducks were just Trying to go for it one more time, right? You know, they I wanted to check their record totals to see I mean, they had 12345. They had five straight 100 points seasons plus Now, So you keep the team together. You've moved off some of those young pieces. You moved off men to Mont or you move What Vatanen was traded. They moved some of the pieces on the roster. But I mean, the last three years you like we're still going for it. The windows still open 80 points. 67 in the shortened season and 43 this other shortened season. I mean, they've fallen to the bottom of the league in recent years while not necessarily going. Yeah, it's time to they moved on from Corey Perry. Like how many guys did they really look at the older guys and go? Yeah, Whatever. We've had our run Corey Perry and Corey Perry. Still, he's playing well, Yeah, that's right. A little bit like they. It's they operated like the window is still there. They didn't perform in that fashion then and three years later. What's left? Yeah, What's left to do for them? I guess his room. Maybe they think they can. You know, that's why they would trade for Eichel with all the 30. Plus is you add the franchise center and whatever else they're going to do, and they feel maybe they can still get another kick somewhat of a kick at the can out of that, But they haven't even been close the last few years. Yeah. Not that I should criticized based on who I talk about for a living. To be coming up in a moment 80305 50 to join us this morning. 8885 52 5 50. W gr Odyssey is your new home for all the audio that matters to you? Download the Odyssey app today to listen to W g r Sports radio 5 50 brought to you by Geico local office West Seneca. 150. Years.

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