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Ray Ravi and Surveys the damage at the dinner key auditorium in Miami A. Lot take. The stage was in pieces busted beyond repair. One half of the rookie old seaplane hangar had collapsed in on the other half. There was debris. Beer bottles and wine bottles strewn across the floor bras and wear shirts pants. He could practically smell. The broken promises some kind of fantastical liberation. It hung in the Muggy, still air along with the smell of body odor of red wine of Jack Daniels lambswool. It was the morning after the Miami show and the doors were staring down the cold light of day. They had a bigger problem than a broken stage, and that problem was once again nowhere to be found. Jim Matt Build. He did the Miami thing and then left for the Jamaica thing, the vacation he had promised Pam the calm before the storm of the rest of the store, the band's biggest tour ever. Now the looked like there wouldn't be any tour not now, maybe not ever. Jim fucked it all up high on that living theatre shed. He thought he was leading a bunch of attentive students down the primrose path thought he was giving intimate performance to a higher audience at that didn't happen at all didn't happen the way Jim at imagined. Whole thing was far less romantic and idealistic than Jim Thought. It was. Jim Yelled at berated the he repeated words over and over again like he wasn't able to think of any other words in the English language besides. Are you ready? Are you. Ready for what Mars? Ray Robbie and John wanted to know so. Do the kids the pack the Dinner Key Auditorium? They were ready for a rock and roll show, and instead they got some glorified performance are. And now the next morning the doors were picking up the pieces literally. The dinner key auditorium was originally one of Pan's airplane hangars, a seaplane base exact that was converted into an exhibition hall in an Auditorium. In the Early Nineteen Fifties, the auditorium was host to graduations, parties and political rallies, but despite its aviation routes was known locally as now it was a band, its smell it was decaying double time home to transients in a word replace was a mass. In Jim was a mess the night before he really gave it to the crowd. He told them they're idiots told him they were slaves. Since they did what they were told, he told them they were all going to sheep and the drive the point home the lamb in his arms. He took cheap shots at Florida Sang. The praises of Los, Angeles he big time, and they weren't hip enough or liberated not he waxed poetic. He wasn't the Florida Man. Self Hollywood gutter trash should merely liberated himself from the sunshine state swamp. At one point during the show, while Robbie, was taking guitar, so Jim dropped to his knees, right frontal, stuck out his tongue, pretend to give head Robbie's Qatar. He did unbuckle his belt buckle. He did pull zipper of his pants down. He did ask the crowd if they wanted to see if they wanted to take out the crawling king snake. And now there were reports, the and exposed himself to twelve thousand bands doesn't matter what he thought he was doing or what he thought he was. This was the reality. The show was ridiculously oversold, and there were lots of conflicting reports as to what actually happened. It all happened so fast. The crowd and surged chimps insistence he on just like he always did just again at the singer Bowl. It was hot humid as fuck. It could have been a massive assassination mass hysteria illusion, or maybe it had been real. Maybe he had really done it. Ray Robinson John wouldn't put it past them. Jim Morrison was GonNa whip out his Dick Jim Morrison. Was GonNA without a stick. I people pushed their way onto the stage. Then they were pushing each other on the stage, and then Jim started to push anyone who brushed up against the live between the audience, and the band had been raced full audience participation prelude to Orion. No, how no way! Jim Pushed, more pupil he thought one of them was a call, and then he hoped it had been a cop. Kids ran into him, almost knocked him over. No one gave a ship that he was Jim Morrison US just another body. Just in the way Jim kept shoving Jim Shove the wrong guy and the guy twice Jim size with him head over heels since the audience. It was around that time. The promoter pulled the plugs of the wall. Shut it off down. The music stopped the house lights came on the audience, reeled and screamed and saw the whole scene in a different light. Jim Picked himself up off the floor and he was over. There were reports the gym and tossed cops around on stage before the plug was pulled after he had repeatedly shouted obscenities into the microphone, and as some claimed exposed himself, the Miami Herald called the cops he saw happening and didn't do anything about it, but there had been a sense that night that a real riot could take place at the cops had actually gotten involved. The next morning as the doors saw the future of their tour in the dirty aftermath of its first show Miami, officials question why this has been allowed to happen in the first place, the president of the crime. Commission of Greater Miami insisted that grand jury investigation be launched to look into Jim Saprissa, exposure. A few days later Jim was officially charged in the warm issued for his arrest, he was being charged with one felony, lewd and lascivious behavior and three misdemeanors, indecent exposure, open, profanity and drunkenness. They said he whipped it out, tossed it around shook, grabbed it in his hand to get a couple of quick jerks. The Miami police chief was ready to make an example chores, and even if he was local boy, make good. He may be the Florida man and spirit, but he wasn't Florida's anymore. He was so loud mouth Hollywood big timer, who told the audience that he he got smart when he left Florida and headed west. To good for them like the sun shone on his ass in his ASSALAAM. The chief was about to kind of any breaks. He will personally see to it that Jim Sydney cell in Raeford prison for over seven years. Jim would get fat bitter in jail. They would throw the book at him. Maximum sentence for maximum asshole. Only problem was Jim. Morrison wasn't anywhere near Florida. Ray Robbie John Could told you that they knew it. The morning after Miami and the authorities would all catch on wheel soon. Jim was far, away Jamaica about to embark upon the kind of head trip. That would really make him fear for his life. We'll be right back after this word word word. So it was the fattest joint Jim Morrison it ever seen rolled. It was the joint rolled in a Cuban cigar. Cubans rolled lease struggled to contain the sticky green contents. Before. The joint was even out in the open gym could smell it. He can sense the high coming from a mile away. This joint announced itself. Jim was in Jamaica for that previously scheduled are having quickly left the shit show in Miami far behind. But there had been a slight change in plans Jim and Pam argued so much that Jim decided to go alone, but it wasn't just Pam. Jim Needed a minute. decompress away from the rest of the band. Jim was alone at his rented house on the beach in Jamaica. Not entirely alone as the several housekeepers who were there with him, one of them presented Jim with his stately join held in his hand. A monstrous spliff had ever seen one. Jim Wasn't afraid of a monstrous split has past history provided ample evidence? And so he accepted the housekeepers offer to get super high. Jim took the jumbo giant in between his thumb and forefinger..

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