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He does not inspire confidence for me, but none of the center backs didn't Alan is about as bad as signing as they have made. I don't know how many games I've watched, where I'm like, I'm sure. What do you do? I challenge our Everton supporters to come up with worse. Because I know in the last few years, there's been more. There has. But not one that they've consistently started. One that is in the team, very, very regularly. I mean, did we think that moysa can would be Davy class? Yeah, I think a lot of Everton fans would suggest that one. Yeah. What was the reason when it was a John phillipe mean? However you say last name. He hasn't consistently started, but that was supposed to be an important sign. He hasn't been able to stay healthy. They've put together a nice 11 of bad signings over the last few years. That's very, very true. I just thought they were Solomon Rondon, in the year of our lord, 2021. I praised that signing earlier in the season too. Bad move comes off injured as well. Just they're dreadful. They're absolutely dreadful. They stink. I don't have the native kind of rivalry or hatred with them. I've never been able to most of it. I love beating them, but because it is the Derby, but I don't have that kind of animosity towards them. So when I say they think, I'm being objective in saying that they obviously think. Yeah. And by the way, I think their own support knows. Agrees and feels that way, too. It was you, I think that sent me the tweet from over the weekend of the defeat at Brentford. So Brentford are playing hey, Jude, which is their 90 minute song, they're finishing track. F off. F off your F in. The video from the way support. Oh my God, and Everton fans are just losing your mind. That's the players come over to kind of applaud them. And it is not reciprocated. Vicious. They're just gesticulating for them to just get out of our sight. Yeah. Not pretty, not pretty much. I don't see how I really don't see how it gets better. This is one of Roth's biggest challenges to not turn this thing wrong to try and stabilize and get themselves out of the trajectory they're heading, which is downward. A couple other notes on Liverpool. We mentioned most Salah before I was talking about Liverpool and how their performances away from Anfield have been so impressive. Solid in particular, 14 goal contributions in primarily away games this season. That is one shy of tying his career best. It's December 1st. It's December 1st. He's already done that away from home this season. Opta JJ points out most saw was the first Liverpool player to score twice on the road versus Everton in the mercy side Darby since. Twice in the road at Goodison. Luis Suárez. No. Way further back then. Further back, I mean, you weren't twice. You weren't a child. You were an adult. Twice on the road. Go on. Fernando Torres 2008. You should have, actually. Disappointing, really. Well, I'll give you a chance to redeem yourself. Oh no, another one. Why aren't you even playing the trivia bit? Well, I didn't have enough of them. Usually I need three. I only have two trivia. Sorry, everyone. Let's see how well you know Jurgen. In his 6 Premier League visits to Goodison Park, he's unbeaten. Two wins four draws, but has not lost. The only other stadium in which Jürgen Klopp has never lost in at least 5 visits. Do you know where? And this one has been 6 wins. In 6 visits. Unbeaten in this venue. It's not large. We haven't played their number. No, I'll give you a hint. It's a venue that you do not necessarily associate with success. Your association with it is probably a more negative one. Go on. Sellers park. Oh. Yeah, Crystal Palace. That will be forever. The place where Brandon's castle came tumbling down. Brendan's hastily. I'll never forget it. Hastily assembled but exciting castle. Probably the greatest game that Dwight Gail has ever came on as a sub too, didn't he? Tony pulis is finest art. I'm going to make you relive it. But Liverpool right now, they're flying. I don't know if you have any more on this one, but it was an impressive, impressive performance. I think in terms of sensual skills and. Turns and things were going to be talking about in an end of season compilation, highlight reel, Diogo Jos turn of Allen, to leave him in a mess and then fire past into the roof of the net pass Pickford was a boat, especially as it gets. Great goal. Let's see, we move on JJ Aston Villa Manchester City. This one standing out to me and to most people I would thank for the return of one of Aston Villa's favorite sons, Jack Grealish. And I don't have audio of it, but I went on Twitter, I just kind of, because when I was watching the game, I had it on mute. It was while I was at work. And I saw him he came on as a sub. Didn't start, but the reception for him,.

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