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So we can have your name well i certainly would not no you know he's that any better though fighting back well everybody whips out their cell phone these days and posted right on social media were kids when the car this point idaho gusting as though if i were mcdonald's i would take that commercial or take that clip where she says go somewhere else in and show them like we're very friendly comey with us for your berries this manager still employed no i can't now she cassidy he's going to have a hard time finding a customer service job now i'm do this went viral yeah people are well listen things happen i know um one time at papa john's i was the at the time of delivery driver before i was promoted to assistant manager out the that her shift leaders in then they wanted want but halloween is the busiest night that in the super bowl toubassi's night you can get it off and i was sick of allergies allergies horrible which is exactly what people want to hear from people preparing my knows mr and i how can a dog hire it was really really bad and i went to deliver this pizza in this like my fifth delivery on the one run i went on i mean and i'm getting there as fast as we can willmann quote times it i don't work anymore poppa john's at the time did not quote times at that knives i'd get there's quite quick as we can't there's so busy i get there the lady answers the door again i am hustling to get there and she goes oh we already order from domino's we canceled oh oh thank you very much aware polite and as soon as she called zadora took pizza through it against the law a heart these ideals moments in an to happened i.

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