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And welcome in to poke the bear episode 75. Connor clipped an episode clip hockey episode. What a way to ring in Christmas. I'm as Meredith. Alongside Connor Ryan, Connor. What is it? Evan, doing well. How you doing? I'm doing great, enjoying the Christmas slash holiday season, whatever you celebrate. And it's weird because there's no bruins, right? So it's kind of like, you know, on the negative side, there's no bruins, right? No games, no things to talk about on the positive side, though I have extra time to do some shopping. You know, I am not doing it last minute. Not paying attention. You're not always stresses me out when elf when you're watching elf, great movie. But they're heading to central Bach. How about Santa? And James con's wife is like literally like shopping. You know, like 85 frigging bags on Christmas Eve. What are you doing? What are you doing here? It's funny I had to go to target Tuesday night to get snow pants. 'cause I'm learning how to ski soon. So I end up snow pants for it. And there were so many people in the clothing sections and everything just like grabbing stuff. It was like ma'am. And it was very, yeah. It was Dan flashes, you're exactly right. And it was very stressful. I was like, man, that's a bit much for me. I don't know. It stresses me out a bit. I like to get my shopping done somewhat early. I have it all about it. I have to wrap. Now my big thing is like a rapping thing. That's always kind of like to my mom or sister. Hey, can you come help me wrap this? I just don't want you doing it on the cabbage bag. It's fine. I put a little red bow on it, like one of those stick on ones. It works. I thought that works. So anyways, the NHL in general, now we're recording this on Wednesday morning. If we look very tired, it's because we're recording this very early. 9 30 on a Wednesday. It's very early. But at any rate, now the NHL, the holiday break has extended. It is now December 22nd through the 25th the NHL said, well, if games are getting postponed left and right like this, might as well just hand the whole thing. So the real question is, is this going to end after Christmas, right? Are we going to still be in the same predicament after Christmas? And the big question is, should they just suspend all play through new years? To just get every team at square one again with no cases. Connor Ryan, do you think they should be canceled through new year's? I mean, I think they should be just to give you that longer buffer period just to figure out what the next steps are, because one, you're seeing more players even during the shutdown test positive. Like the brooms haven't played since what was it last Thursday and burning Carlo popped a positive test on Tuesday morning? Well, you're still going to get more cases during this time. Even though it seems like the NHL is looking.

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