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Are some in my caucus who have no respect for me as a representative for my district no respect for my values as a believer they want to make me vote with them and that ain't happenin I love this she went on to decry caucus critics for saying they're trying to get her for this and other positions that deviate from the caucus such as on L. G. B. T. Q. issues what's happening to me it goes ignored when it is literal religious discrimination and she called out can I remind you again what party is this woman from is a Democrat she's calling out far left special interest groups and she called out the leadership of our own party she said they are so far left they get left behind she's ready to move beyond the political Okey dokey and meet in the middle in fact she discussed being bullied in response to questions we also have James bush the third a South Florida Democrats couch to support for parental consent why because of Jesus Christ and the children yet to be born can I remind you again James bush is a Democrat the caucus is taking a position that's fine I'm taking a position with god I'll vote for this I'll vote for today I'll vote for tomorrow I'll vote for it again does this not warm your heart to know that there are people out there of courage and conviction don't go down the road when way they fit their credits leave it alone just celebrate the fact that on the issue of life they're standing up there breaking with their party that takes a lot of courage I hope you remember these names Jim Daniels maybe we'll be fortunate enough to have people like this on the national stage because god knows we need leadership we need to people of courage blue dog Democrats there actually some still in existence believe it or not Jerry good morning walk with broadcast to wanting to talk about the speech I assume right there in America brother Hey I got a very bad I'm not a mode dial but he's got a got up front that number one I have a local board of a re based off of you know that he Jeremy service you don't think yes I'm pretty sure he's looking down at the bottom that you know they're not to be and number two don't make the grade rather yeah I think president trump existed you mess about band coming out your brother you know I'm saying that the way I look at it and I know before the meeting all natural food you gotta do credit you die and we've had a number for you know saying I know you remember when they when we got a good Daddy or would they work with the dog what are called up without about all I remember this about he if he's there but anyway I hear you have a better America I love you I'm out Hey and we love you Jerry thanks very much for your call and your eternal optimism which comes there every time you call Chris in Charlotte good morning I want to go to okay Jerry to abandon gamers out Matt I think we're kindred spirits I I I I got it is one of resonates someone has admitted to it a great day to be an independent Republic and that's a trump supporter and common sense the values and I just want to add this one to make a point like we've needed to enjoy ourselves and and this moment and not let the sore losers bring it down major enjoys companies like she's gonna take our patriotism and our love for countries you gonna shredded up in front of us try to make our smiles come up and try to make a frown well it ain't happening for me today and I and I and just a touch them on the abortion thing that the this the Democrats Shiro is actually standing up and fighting at your party can you imagine placing a child and more about hell than making them decide on such a dolt theme decisions that she is in society came come up with the correct answer replace them and child lap yeah make them decide over the life and death of this body inside of them and then live with that for the rest of the life shame on the entire system anybody that would support that it's just disgusting to me I hear yeah I hear you a hundred percent there Chris we're at a point where in and what what's happening here and this is what's so sad you know people are talking about these groups and and and there's so many tentacles to this you know whether it relates to issues of sexual identity whatever it is and we are presenting this before children and younger and younger than ever things that they shouldn't even be thinking about I mean why are we talking to preschoolers about L. G. B. T. stuff why should that even be a discussion I mean I don't know about you but for children I think they ought to have a life of innocence for as long as possible the longer they can go without thinking about and having all of the is I me I guess being subject to the hyper sexualization of our culture the longer they can be somehow isolated separated from that man.

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