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Trouble is the challenges of humanity are more and more complicated. Peace in the Middle East involves everything from agriculture, water policy, military planning, religion. I mean, it's endless. And history, how do you do that if everybody is specialist? Well, the answer is, if you are the new Medici, you can force like the Medici, the real medicine did when they would send a ship to the new world. They didn't just send merchants and sailors. They sent sculptors and they sent architects and they sent musicians and they sent painters and these people would sit next to each other all the way over and all the scientists and botanists and the rest of it. They would sit next to each other three meals a day on the voyage over. And then, on the voyage home, you know, a few months later, and they collaborated in what they were trying to do, which of course, unfortunately, was to exploit the new territories and kill off the indigenous people, but leave that aside. Their knowledge had many trappings of multidisciplinary thought because their sponsored the Medici. So bring it up to the present day. We have a number of billionaires. I was with one last night. He can do whatever he wants. His name's Nicholas Berg. He inherited some money, but he made it much bigger. He's a Swiss French American investor, art collector and so forth. But what is he actually doing with his money? He gives away a $1 million prize a year to someone who has helped to shape thought towards solutions for huge challenges like how do we make democracy work? What is the future of medical research so he does that? And then he's got this institute thing where he brings people who hate each other's guts to sit in a tranquil place and to try to find the middle. So he might bring president Xi and the president of the United States. To sit in tranquility to try to do non belligerent things or I don't know an Iranian leader and, you know, someone from NATO or from the European community. That's what he's going to do. He has so much money. He may well put a dent in some of these intractable multidisciplinary everybody beating their chest. I'm very interested that he seems to have a lot of women working on it with him. I thought for a long time, women tend to not punch each other in the nose. I think we are just in the area of democracy. I think we're in a time of grave danger. I don't remember a time where democracy in the west was so challenged where people were so polarized. Well, what do you do about that? No point in cursing the gathering darkness. I think have to try and find the middle with people of disparate viewpoint and disparate, opposite facing equal and opposite power. And that's what he's going to do, but he's only one. There are, you know, thousands of billionaires can't help us around the world. And I think what will lift them up and also make them hugely admirable in the eyes of their children grandchildren and great grandchildren. If they do something alongside making more money, nothing the matter with making more money, but doing well, while doing good is a very big deal, and it works for foster kids, crown wards, looked after kids. It also works for billionaires. And long May they thrive. They are almost the only place if you have if you're an entrepreneur and you have an outside the box idea. Is this thing on four wheels, but we haven't built one yet. Can you please give me some money to build it? And then we'll pilot it and see if it's any good. Who's going to give you money? Government would laugh at you. Business would laugh at you. Established foundations will laugh at you. What are your outcomes stats? Well, we haven't got any yet is what we call blue sky. So in the venture cap area, we absolutely do have early stage investors, but where are they and who can they possibly be in the make the world a better place department? I think it's the new Medici. You go and you inspire them with a story. You describe that which doesn't exist yet. A skill of pitching which you learn as a film producer, you're constantly explaining things that don't exist yet. Well, it's this story. There's this man who and then and this and what and in the end this, and if you are, if you can inspire emotion in the heart of whoever you're pitching to, they give you the money or their greater direct the film or they agree to star in it and then you make a film. And then you stand there and say, oh my God, what do we tell these people? We were going to be able to do. Now we have to actually do it. Same thing over in the let's save the planet department. So that's the new Medici. I love them very much. So is the new Medici we have to finish we're already at the end of the show, but is it an organization or is it sort of loose right now? And it's just asking people to step into that as a ownership. I tell you what I would love a member of the new Medici to do. I'd love them to email me. And say, okay, I'm a new Medici person. What shall we do? Because I would do the new medicine version of what I did where myosin said, what would you do with X dollars from the foster kids? But I would do it with the new Medici. I would build a breeder reactor to propel the new Medici and their grandchildren as their spotters into finding new solutions for old problems of which we need a lot because the old solutions dove are not working. No, I agree. And that's a great place for us to finish. I want to make sure that people know how to reach you, Peter, and find out more about how all the resources are, et cetera and how they can connect to those resources. So if you could just tell people how they can find out more about you and the resources that would be wonderful. Yeah, so the core website is Peter at Samuelson.

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