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On may tenth nineteen ninety four after liberation forces defeated the brutal repressive apartheid regime their attention was diverted to other issues yet it was after mandela was released from prison and inaugurated as president that the struggle for political and economic power became exceptionally fierce political tendencies simmering during the liberation struggle became front and center one fraction supporting neil liberal pro prowest policies and another supporting populace prosocialist ideas contained in the freedom charter winnie mandela was front and center in this debate she became the target for her populace and unwavering support of the ideas contained in the freedom charter as such the mark was on her back it was clear that for the myth of the rainbow nation to succeed she would have to be destroyed in order to help us deconstruct and understand the powerhouse that was winning mandela we're joined by dr peeing will kula yongle department of african studies and department of world languages and culture howard university benjamin woods a co founder of students against mass incarceration then received his master's degree in african studies from cornell university he's committed to pan african as a socialist transformation sandra rattling has over forty years experience as a media and information leader she's currently executive producer for tv and video for the future media group sandra's press spokesman for meltsa mandela's first national us tour and served as media representative and speechwriter for winnie mandela well let's start from the beginning there's a great deal of controversy raging in south africa in the aftermath of winnie mandela's death primarily due to an independent film by french filmmaker in the film is called winning many south africans drifts learning about the propaganda campaign that was waged against her character and the false allegations of murder and criminal activities that she suffered during her lifetime these accusations were all aimed at destroying miss mandela professor let's start with you what was it in winnie mandela's background that allowed her to survive such fishes attacks will see in true african tradition mama winning mandela's apparent seem to have been very.

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