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The involved the in several big glaring breakins red hates he would find okay out about the break ins by looking got thought at it the was old i thought pichu it was aries to pay tribute he's been nicknamed to the mr old bit mr van band but at all day said and that actually happens a lot they in just different started towns a partnership were with art it's van one of the in signs these see covers it were they part look of that for they and know they everybody actually in a family timing is going to be a like way there's the no timing chance was this of random people stop so they him by delayed the announcement the of the sponsorship and even neighbors are going out to of be respect away to art van the other big occur thing is this espn time of year we should the mention attendance it because a lot of families for the going pistons on winter they are break ranked this twenty week nine don't in postel the nba imposed all my on gosh facebook you an tell your avalanche by on social how many media teams i'm are going to head be gone 20s for twenty i can't nine wait to a weaken in vacation and then not everybody knows your gun uh 420 is anta for over a month but uh i have a steady here about 420 that's interesting the marijuana holiday is the most dangerous time to be on the road drivers are more likely to be in fatal car crashes during the annual april 30th marijuana celebration research from the national highway traffic safety administration found that dead data of fatal car accidents on four twenty have been up over the last five years they've increased dramatically especially among those that are uh under the age of twenty one grey to bring that up because you over under twenty one the risk was forty percent higher at huge and it's because there's is attitude that people think i'm find drive when i'm high people don't go i would never drive drunk and then they smoke and then get in a car and i have friends at do this and i'm like you don't understand you're still impaired your judgment is slowed and you may not be sloppy drunk it like you would be drink in boos but you still shouldn't be drive and if you're smoking.

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