Vice President, Donald Trump, Senator discussed on World News Tonight with David Muir - Full Episode: Sunday, October 8, 2017


Tonight hurricanes try the fastest moving tropical systems ever in the goal hurricane may delivery fierce winds and dangerous flooding we go concealed under underwater and now the massive rainmaker heading to the northeast as protest play the vice president wonky now of an nfl game after some players neal during the anthem president trump says he he asked as pens to do in the exchange the president unleashing a twitter storm against a top republican senator senator now calling the white house and dole daycare center justified force encounter after officers stop a man on a bicycle what police say he had in his head hey and this family family says they went too far school bus scare students watching and a camera rolling as an angry man jobs on the hood demanding the driver stopped in the scene these casey b c tonight and good evening thanks for joining us on this sunday i'm tom yomise and we begin tonight with with her hurricane hurricane nate after taking lives and central america speeding across the gulf than slamming ashore not once but twice first strike in louisiana and then hitting beloved mississippi with eighty five mph winds part of the city underwater and those wins falling tornado warnings and waterspouts this one in orange beach alabama and tonight the remnants of nate you see it there drenching the south and heading towards the northeast abc stevenson some easing gulfport mississippi ten pm local time the winds picked up after hours of wondering where the storm was hurricane late arrived on the gulf coast with thirty waves and winds near eighty five miles an hour by midnight new orleans knew it was safe that they were lifting their curfew but in biloxi this was an emergency this is by far the strongest wins including all night the wall is right here we're about to enter the center of the storm twelve thirty a m it's high time and now we're seeing the storm sorts from the forecast.

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