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It and sadly Nanna passed away a few years ago and she never got to hear this true story so if she's listening Nanna I'm sorry I'm pretty sure I jacked up your car car racing that Station Wagon my dad's GonNa hear the story and he still has her car and the engine is still messed up. oops sorry so that's one of the other MO- pars if you can even call it that with garbage Mitsubishi under the hood That car although I despised it in some ways I cherished it and others because my grandma and I were so close. When I was a kid I was always in that car? You you know and I just when I think about that car I think about her. And that's what would make it hard for me to get rid of. But at the same time I hated good that car so much and my memory of Graham is so much more than that Chrysler Lebaron but when I look at it I I just remember her and all the funny little the things that would happen to us in that car I could go on for awhile but if you knew my grandma you you would understand how funny she could be unintentionally. She was one of those grandmothers who was unintentionally. Funny you know what I mean but moving on the other mo par that I would loathe throughout my early to late teens was my dads nineteen eighty eight Plymouth Sundance. The car always had a weird smell and it wasn't a bad smell. It was just a weird one for some reason would give me headaches when I was in that car. I have no idea why it was just a thing. It also had that typical Chrysler Peeling Paint Syndrome. It looked like This car was spotted P. O. S.. The paint was peeling off in such a way that it looked as though a flock of birds all flew over the car the same time and took a dump right on the car. I rented my dad dropping me off at school in that peo s I dreaded it he eventually got got it repainted and surprise. I still hate it. I will say this though actually thought it was GONNA be my first car long before like it was a couple couple years before I started driving. I was already as a kid. I wanted nothing more than to drive. That's what I wanted to do. I going back to my grandma's Lebaron. There was a little toy store. kind of like a weird shop Down the street from our house. Some of you in Seattle will know this name. It's Archie mcphee's. He's back in the nineties. Archie mcphee's was within walking distance from my house. Because I live right by gasworks park and I walked down down to Archie mcphee's one day and they had this box full of steering wheel's like random steering wheels and I wanted to drive so bad that I ran home and told my grandma I have to have the steering wheel. I have to have the steering wheel and she ended up taking me back down to the store bought me the steering will and every day for the rest of the time that my grandma took me to school in the morning I would sit in the passenger seat with the steering wheel in my lap and I would mimic everything. She was doing as she was driving thinking back. That's a really good memory. I I haven't thought about that in in years but yeah I would. I would basically drive to school without driving to school. I would sit there and I would mimic everything she did when people pull drove cars. I watched with intent because I wanted to do the same thing so bad. But that's just a interesting memory from the Lebron going back to the Sundance. I thought this was going to be my first car. And you know sometimes you just have to come to grips. Because as like at the time I was like you know I can't have anything cool. I don't have any kind of money like that and if I can get this car you know I figure figure out something to do to make it cool tonight so in a desperate attempt to make it even remotely drivable to my standards. I searched and searched online to find out what I could do to make it tolerable. And that's actually the first time I learned about Carroll Shelby's involvement with Chrysler in the nineteen eighteen eighties. I was like thirteen or fourteen at the time and the Internet was still pretty young and I discovered the shelby. CSX I I really WANNA do a high-performance heritage episode of this show on the one thousand nine hundred eighties from wheel drive Mo- pars in the future. which which I know some of you Mo- par muscle guys may not be fond of? But I hope you'll find a way to power through with me because I love those cars and I know a lot of you listening. Do and and you know me. I'm a MO- par guy and I don't discriminate so we're GONNA talk about those cars to and I actually. My Dad and I have a tiny little collection Russian of eighties front wheel drive turbo. Mo- pars we have an eighty four DODGE DAYTONA TURBO Z on eighty seven shelby Eh. CSX A eighty seven dodge Daytona Shelby Z. and eighty eight dodge Daytona Shelby Z.. And then my dad has picked up in eighty six dodge Daytona Turbo Z Cs so that's cool So we kind of have a little fetish for turbo mopeds. They're fun cars to drive. And those are all projects on the back burner with the exception of my dad's eighty six Daytona He drives that every once in a while. Got Tee tops. It's a pretty cool little car for the eighties but going back to the Sundance in how I almost got stuck driving it. I was doing all this research. And then I came across the shelby. CSX and I immediately noticed the difference between in that car and the Sundance. That I was thinking I was going to end up with the big difference being that the CSX was a tutor and the sundance was a four door but But there were similarities in certain parts of the car so immediately I was like I need to get that hood with that. You know that bulge in it that that Turbo Hood and I need to get that grill because the shelby. CSX Grill transforms the front of the car. And I was I was looking for those parts and to make a long story short. I never actually ended up. Getting the Sundance is the first car. In fact it would be fourteen years before I actually had a classic Mo- part to call my own. During those dark days I owned many different makes models because it always seemed that Mo- parts were out of my reach both due to price and space. I simply had no place to take on a moped project thinking back. I'm glad things played out the way they did. Because the path that I was on has led me here talking to you so as much as I wish I could have had you. You know a Kumo par back then. I'm not sure I'd be here talking to you right now if I did so. I guess it all worked out in the end. I didn't have a moped car when I was young for lack of trying. I'll tell you that much when my dad would tell me stories about cruising in his Dr and going Golden Guards to attend the street races in the early seventies I longed for having experiences like those I felt like I had grown up in the wrong era and I say that all the time I still feel that way to this day when I see pictures from the golden era of drag racing and the old timey street races that stuff to me me I just thank God. It must have been so cool to be able to go to that stuff and be alive during the heyday of classic muscle. Cars that it must have been a crazy experience. I love talking to people that have had those experiences in share their stories. When I was a kid my dad and I would you know our father son bonding time was going to look at cars so it was? I had so much fun doing it that I was always on the hunt to find cars for my dad and I to go look so I was looking at classified sections auto traders and anytime I found something cool that was local to us. I would show my dad and we would find a way to look at it. That was always such a good time for me and the only thing that was a bummer about it is. It could get disappointing because I was a kid and I had ulterior motives. I wanted every car that I took my dad to go see. The thing was is that my dad wasn't GonNa buy those cars he just wanted to spend some time with me and go look at him and he thought that it was like our own little. Well you know our own little thing where we just go and look and he thought that we were under the understanding that we weren't taking any of them home and he was so wrong because every every car we went and looked at it I was like why are we buying and I mean it. There was a couple of times we got into it. Pretty good because I was like. Why do we go and look at these cars? If you're not going to buy any of them and you know that's when he kind of told me that you know. I thought it was fun that we go and do this and then I realized Oh okay I see so once. I realized where he was coming from. It was a little bit easier on my young psyche but there were a few Mo- parts that I looked out with my dad before I was even old enough to drive that. Had My dad bought any of them. They would've undoubtedly changed my path in life but that never happened. My plan plan to get a moped while I was young. And have it ready. By the time I was sixteen completely failed and I tried so hard to get him to buy one one of those cars for me. But here's some of the cars that we ran across that. I really wish I could have had the one car that really sticks out in my mind was a brown. Nineteen seventy-three forty duster hidden in the back of a car. Lot called Detroit auto works on Aurora Avenue in Seattle for three thousand one dollars Some of you local Seattle will know that dealership. They had a lot of hoop days but they had some nice cars every once in a while. But it wasn't like a the high end you know classic car dealership It was all outdoors. They didn't have an indoor showrooms and they were basically like driver quality cars. So if I knew then what I know now I would have been able to verify that it was in fact a legit three forty car. I remember seeing this car. The way their lot was set up they had like this little bullpen like paddock and it was behind a fence. To get the back part of the law it was sandwiched in between two other cars. And I remember walking through a lot with my dad glancing over in seeing the front end of this thing.

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