Lynn, Jim Chenevey, American Taliban discussed on WBZ Morning News


Known as the American Taliban set to be released today after seventeen years behind bars. Sabia japa- gays has more on the man who admitted to providing support to the Taliban. Californian native was interrogated at an Afghan prison camp by CIA officer. Johnny Mike Spann soon after this video was recorded span was killed in prison up rising the first US casualty of the war. Lynn was brought back to the US and was sentenced to twenty years in prison ahead of his release after seventeen years, spans daughter Allison wrote in a letter to President Trump that Lynn's early release was a slap in the face. He is a traitor. She said land will be subject to stringent restrictions for three years as provision of his release officials in Washington say the Pentagon, well, present the White House with a request that could put more troops, potentially thousands more into the Middle East one official telling ABC news, the request for additional defensive capabilities could result in many as ten thousand more American troops being sent to. To deter Iran, the official stress. No final decisions have been made dogs and cats. Now find themselves in the middle of the debate on vaccinations CBS's, Jim Chenevey has more. The anti vaccination continues to grow. And now it's spread to pets. Some veterinarians are reporting that more and more dog and cat owners are shunning the traditional vaccines, including for rabies and parvo. The pet owners point to adverse reactions in their pets. Even vet say such reactions are extremely, rare experts also say, there's no truth to reports that pet vaccinations can routinely cause seizures brain injuries, and even death. Jim Chenevey CBS news. CNBC a is about to launch a pilot program to allow silver line buses headed toward Logan airport to access an emergency ramp as a shortcut to the Ted Williams tunnel. The goal is to cut more than ten minutes off a commute through south Boston pilot program is expected to begin this summer. The city of butcher is about to get a quarter billion dollar shot in the arm, the centerpiece a new stadium for the Red Sox minor league team, which is moving from Pawtucket. WBZ TV's Paula ebben spoke with some of the big players getting the wheels emotion where it home placate home play would be right over here. Worcester Red Sox chairman, Larry Lucchino walking around the abandoned, industrial site that in less than two years will become the team's new ninety million dollar.

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