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No screwed of the clippers and it's you almost don't move for yeah in a really yeah i almost will bad for him you know what chris paul had been my man for a long time and then and it's you know the darth vader to looks guy walker's chris paul was to steph curry and as the young yeah get i master became better they chris paul due no starting gauging in some you know just kind of leicester but the best no you do is to curry's always been like a yeah but i didn't so he's got notice it is my he's while okay yeah he's got that going last sick lo man complex yeah he's he's been i don't start it's been he's been playing ball like that his entire basketball life to chris paul was low man back when he was the low made it right it chris paul is still the low man until the basketball player no doubt but he still the limit and when you are always pick but he's always going to have that mentality always and and you can just we see how he approaches again you know so people call him dirty years deftly addition extra extra curriculum activities and out of it is an accident that he broke it is headed toward a ligaments in both the phones because of the way he played it's you don't of stake of the just ripped a ligament up a move that left the left up yup he ripped i would up fight over scored it you know it's just it it it he's just is one hundred percent lo man aggression and he's always been that way and and obviously he's not going changes played him very successful but you know he's that that that lemaire per secure sure complex has been and jim it drives the.

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