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Others are not. They say desantis needs to stay out of this. So again, so many questions here. What do you do here folks? Do you get out there? Do you protest in the streets? Do you stay home? And what about desantis? Are you satisfied with what Ron DeSantis had to say here? Now, I will throw this out there. I'm trying to look at this objectively as best we can. But here's the problem and I want to throw this out there for you Trump people and by the way, I have endorsed Donald Trump for the presidency. I believe he deserves a second chance and I've explained that time and time again and if need be I'll explain it one more time. But all the Trump people and desantis people, you gotta chill out here. Because you say something about desantis, all of a sudden you hate Jesus Christ in Santa Claus. You say something about Donald Trump, all of a sudden, you hate Jesus Christ in Santa Claus, and puppies. There's no middle room. So my question here does this episode with the district attorney of Manhattan, does this actually transcend politics? Because I'm going to be honest with you here for a moment. If you are reporting me for federal election violations, which is what Trump's team has done. Against desantis. And if you're out there calling me names every single day and attacking me, I'm not going to be too keen on standing up and defending you when somebody comes after you. But that's just me. There are Trump supporters who say that it doesn't matter. Trump could call you Satan incarnate Trump could curse your children, but you are required under maga law to fully endorse Donald Trump. There are people out there who sincerely believe that. Or there may be a broader group of people out there like yours truly, who believe there are moments. When you have to put aside the petty politics. And you have to stand up and address the greater evil, and the greater evil is not Trump or desantis or Nicky Haley, it's that district attorney and George Soros, who are trying to destroy the very fabric of our nation, so it just seems to me that this is a moment that transcends politics. And it's time for all of our Republicans. I don't care where you are on the spectrum of this. Every Republican leader has to stand together and must speak with one voice because if they can do it to Donald Trump, you better believe they're going to do it to everybody else..

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