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Our little cup for their coffee or tea whatever from the cupboard and corrupting and you'd be totally embarrassed taking it and i totally get in with a little kid because i don't know if he really forgot the toy or they couldn't afford a toy you know so that really stuck with me so the good news no do we go good news our bodies i we always go bad news i really yeah so the bad news is we have one more story live oh no one of the good news is one more story yeah that is me yeah so our last story in this anniversary episode that has been so much fun to do with the both of you was told at the moth main stage in saint louis missouri where the theme was voices carry which is actually the perfect theme for next and last storyteller carol daniel here's carol live at the mall so i was a junior in college when i got my first paying job in my field on the radio this is not an internship i'm getting a chick it was a country and western radio station and my job though it was only on the weekends was to play the top country hits of the week each sunday it actually came on an album prerecorded so i had to take it out of the sleeve and put it on the turntable just so and put the needle down on side one caring not to scratch it and then let park one play my moment is coming now.

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