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Visit. I mean that's right up there with anything impossible So again wendell. What are you talking about. Fifty points fourteen rebounds by janas. Nice fantastic but one of the greatest games in nba history. Come on man with a buck you talk about. Have you forgotten bill russell. I'm not one of the young. Cats are not one of these guys with the elite started with. Michael jordan showed up for another generation league started when magic johnson showed up magic. Johnson and larry bird. Hey man i'll even go back to the greatest winter sports bill russell. There was a game seven. Nine hundred. Sixty two against the st louis hawks for bill russell and they gave in which boston won over time. One twenty five hundred twenty three where the combination backcourt combination. Bill sharman about cousy with five for forty from the field. The only reason why the celtics won that championship won that game seven which gave boston for championships in a row. Because bill russell had thirty points in forty rebounds thirty points in forty rebounds so wendell what the fuck are you talking about. As far as saying that janas addenda cuco again was he did was amazing. What he did was great. What he did was fantastic. What he did was barring. Wouldn't it was the best playoff performances of the season. Dan how about kevin durant what he didn't gain five in the second round of the nba playoffs the season. The game that he had. I mean come on man. What the fuck are you talking about. Let me explain over there. So right number one. I said he had wanted the best games. Nba history. I didn't say it was the best but those games that are just mentioned those unbelievable moments that i just mentioned when you spoke about michael jordan performs game five of the nineteen seventy nine hundred ninety seven. Nba finals. When you talk about lebron james in the games that i just mentioned you gonna put right there along with game. Seven with bill. Russell with the boston celtics distillates lakers against. Yeah get the los angeles lakers. Not saint louis hawks. Excuse me hold on for a second.

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