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Festival when he broke floyd confused when he turned around and padded his ass ban with the michigan. Quit for all of our boxing balls Fans and and listeners. Of the show. It's going to be back we're going to be doing one saturday probably aroun- out of no. It hasn't been confirmed. I'm assuming nine. Am because we've definitely got border wars at eleven thirty so we're going to be doing box in bars. It's gonna be the second season and we'll have the opening. Act is going to be busy from oklahoma Sony the commissioner will be returning and he'll be taking on adrian from wisconsin in the undercard of we'll have natural wiz taken on Jp from long beach natural whiz. Obviously from canada roughhouse versus idris from across the pond. And then the king i mean versus great lists of hallum so tune in saturday. Fit at back to your julie's dropping with singles super chat cr be how many us pay per views. Paul brothers sold question. Mark is zero. This is true. They have sold zero. I'm question how you how many. Us pay per views. Paul brothers sold like headline question which i liked first of all. He don't know boxing. They both just so pay per views. The first one remember. First of all. Chaos logan paul was youtube pay-per-view only so that's just one point something. So yeah you're right. Then jake paul triolo then jake. Paul was on mike tyson pay per view so he could get his headline though. That's how i took it. It'd be headline to jake on that car by accident. Mario no no one right. Hey look man. This is the new wave man. These guys are bringing more attention to the sport is a where do we go. Yeah hell yeah. Mike tyson huge whether they do or eighty million on what they did but they did. It was Yeah one point six But yeah so. Listen the pob. I mean i look i. I watch other podcasts. That like i mean they talk but they never talk about boxing. But they've been talking about the paul brothers you know what i'm saying And so and floyd mayweather so it's like one of those things where i think that i don't like the sports headed in terms of the exhibitions. But you you gotta give credit where credit's due. And i was the last one that wanted them to get credit like. I didn't think that they were good sport. I don't know if they are. They're not but there's no denying their star power at all logan paul absolutely so like one point four so easy boy you trip and so my we. All foods ain't celena new craziest. How logan definitely so pay per views. That's why any paid for the second fight on disease.

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