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How can i say this they turned our generation towards social responsibility some of your generation i always feel like the sixers is told us oh everybody was revolutionary and of course lots of people were doing other things with the john birch society and things like that there's a kind of mythos and you know my experience has been a five hundred kids did say in the sixties it was seen as they represented their generation there's been so many moments that i've witnessed in the eighties and the nineties and the millennial whatever we're in were huge groups of people did things i was with one of the biggest civil disobedience actions maybe the biggest in american history was five thousand people getting arrested to protest nuclear weapons at the nevada test site in nineteen eightyeight which made the soviet papers but not the us papers and there's been a lot of and there's been interesting seeing the attempt to dismiss as marginal or corrupter unrealistic or spoiled or trying to be like the sixties of most of the remarkable movements particularly the youth movements that have arisen since to occupy black lives matter environmental activists senate cetera and so there was this way where absolute happened in the sixties but you guys got better press than almost anyone did afterwards well these kids emma well now when these kids are actually getting it feels like the first time we haven't had the mainstream media disparaging young idealistic passionate people who wants to educated they also as i said you know they're taking grief mobilizing out of grief into action which just is completely inspiring for i think all of us and.

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