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Alarm accounts the low you know I did this morning he Jim Thomas on the coffee table and then he it but let's work one on it and then he saw a slide in and they start it but trying to get back on the table he fell off the table this morning as well he's while he's a rough rough and tumble bodies in the gym is he's violate he's a dog always see a dog through and through he honestly is he doesn't have his latest does but he doesn't care if he's fallen off the couch all the bad he is a funny funny dog he's so cute though Ali so who's here today on the walk he was very good with other walkers and runners heard any state in the fall of Thornton because she's really good if I say go this way yeah or walk along the edge she walks along the edge of the trail to give way to other walkers and run you know it's amazing about dogs amazing if I am going outside on the back patio but I don't want them to come out and maybe you know bringing some glasses and whatever I ca walk ahead of them not even turn around and I go wait and I keep walking and they stop without me turning round without any eye contact is the wait and they wait and go out do my thing combined this the samba it's amazing it is absolutely amazing they are funny the very very cute as watching TV the other day for for the first time he jumped up on that piece of furniture right from the TV just because he wanted to drink to to drink my water and Shelly at the experience for both of them the the day she got softness glass of water then he was up and she was up and all this if take a drink the whole a cheeky little things that they give the lots of pleasure so yes when it's it's hot no matter where you are or it's freezing cold the snows you know coming down and you need to keep your pets entertained play with them distant commands get him on the couch cuddle with them there's a lot you can do that lot you can do that well Jim I want to take another quick break before I start talking about blacks first about ducks ducklings and got some great information here information that hopefully you can also pass on to other people stay right there we'll be right back you'll listen to Vegas rocked a radio with me Sam your host and the little ducks on the other side of the break radios pads people pop culture we'd like to thank our sponsor for this episode rover dot com rover the dog people it's the largest network a five star pet sitters and dog walkers in North America if you have dogs and like me you're working during the day and can't get home to walk your for babies you can just use the rover app on your android or iPhone and find a five star dog Walker book them favorite them and even pay them all through the app and I know if I'm going away for the weekend or even taken a five day cruise I can use the same rover app to book a pet sitter by using rover my dog Walker or pet sitter is trusted background checked and is backed by Rovers premium insurance and twenty four seven support and if my dog and I want to be my pet sitter or dog Walker beforehand we can do that too with the free meet and greet I personally like that I can get pictures of my dog a map of her walking and.

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