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Michelle Franzen back at the White House right now for President Trump after his surprise visit to troops in Iraq. We came to Al Assad to share our eternal gratitude for everything you do to keep America safe, strong and free the president making his first visit to a war zone ever. We felt very safe coming in. It was a pretty difficult journey in certain ways, but we felt very very good very safe. The president's returning. The DC has the partial government shutdown enters day six the senate's due to be back in session, but they're still no end in sight to the shutdown in a fight over border wall money. Dow futures pointing down this morning after it gained over a thousand points yesterday on the Dow ABC's Rebecca Jarvis holiday spending was up at the best level in six years. Mastercard says we spent eight hundred fifty billion dollars over the holidays. Now if you look back at the year what's happened to that nest egg. Well, it's still down about eight percent. Police across California are searching for cop killer. They say after an officer in town of Newman was murdered during a traffic. Stop monday. Cindy Richardson, new officer row nail sing it just became a new dad so happy to be a dad and his wife. They were just so close and it was heartbreaking. This comes as the national law enforcement. Officers memorial fund says murders of police officers is up twelve percent this year. Craig Floyd is the funds president killed somewhere in America every fifty eight hours. There are some one hundred thousand officers who are injured in the line of duty each year. Some fifty seven thousand criminal assaults against officers on an annual basis. Officials in Indonesia are expanding the no go zone around that still erupting volcano that set off last week's deadly Sonani. You're listening to ABC News..

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