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AL Weather Channel forecast. Mostly clear tonight, low thirty eight sunny tomorrow, high forty five partly cloudy wendy-, Wednesday, high forty to fifty and chantilly fifty and Kensington fifty-one Reagan national, I'm fund Washington's mall WMA Al now to Larry O'Connor show. AM six thirty. Andrew McCarthy of national review joins us at five o'clock talk about George popadopoulos serving his the first Davis fourteen day prison sentence also reports that the Muller probe is reaching an end Andrew McCarthy. Five o'clock also five fifteen John Solomon of the hill about the sorry state of journalism in America today. All that coming up joining us right now. I don't know. I might get in trouble for you've been talking to this guy. I mean, he's a Marine Corps combat veteran now senior contributor, the federalist former congressional candidate in Arizona. But you lost didn't Jesse Kelly. Jesse Kelly joins us now your biggest claim to fame as the Twitter has now silenced. You did have you heard anything from Twitter Jessie about why you've been shut down banned from Twitter, not a thing. That's what still bizarrely not a single thing. Everybody else's offended or trouble. They get these messages telling them what what they did wrong. But I don't do bad things on Twitter, violates Twitter's rules. I don't tell us. I don't rash people. I don't promote violence. I don't do. Any of that? And they just find out wipe the account was sent me develop that you're gonna maybe it's just that they they can't pinpoint just one thing Jesse. You know, there's so much to go after that. They just decided, you know, we can't be specific. Well, they did say the Email that it's repeated violations of their rules, but I've never been notified of a single violation of the rules that I don't buy late their rule. Yeah. But the thing is I think Twitter's is jealous of how great my Twitter account was my account. Tiger woods. He goes in the ratings. Double count was actually bigger than Twitter itself. Dan, you're making us all look bad. You know, and by the way, you should be happy everybody, I know, Kurt Schlichter idol, Kurt Schlichter is he's he's very happy. He called me after the van. He's gotta be thrilled. I but seriously, and I appreciate you. Actually, you're being more than a good sport about this year, actually, more emboldened than ever because of this are you you're you're basically saying this is this is Twitter death. Now, explain that it is this hurts them more than it hurts me. I've got a great radio show. I've got a great life. I have wise. Time. I'm on your show. I do great things. My life is good. I don't need Twitter. Twitter needs me. But quitter needs a reputation right now, Twitter's reputation is that they left wing publisher who is silencing voices on the right in every bit of evidence points to that. Being the case now is the one what the real trouble here. Now, we have automakers just saw Senator begs of all people tweeted about it. We have lawmakers attacking Twitter over the over this. Spanish, they're in trouble their reputation. Tell them is just if someone is sitting on the beltway right now in some nasty DC traffic, and they're heading home from a long day's work. And they're thinking why should I care if somebody can't tweet their political opinions on Twitter anymore? Why are we making such a big deal out of this? Can you explain kind of the bigger picture, and you've been making this point from the moment? They started going after Alex Jones and some other conservative voices and social media. Why is this important? Sometimes there's a generational gap in helping people understand what social media has become. But there are two point five billion users with a b a Facebook and Twitter two point five billion to say, it's just Twitter or it's just Facebook would be like saying, it's just the telephone or it's just Email. No social media is not a few nerd sitting in a college dorm room anymore. Social media is the way people network. It's the way they communicate. It's the way where the common man forget about me. I had a big Twitter account, and I have a show all these things the normal person can reach out to anybody. It his voice be heard his voice be spread across the great thing. It can't be a great thing. If we're going to allow the left is to holy control them in silence. And censor Eddie buddy was a dissenting voice. That's scary. Social not small social media is the way with the future. There's a lot of libertarian types, and their argument actually, sort of it appeals to me until I think about it a little deeper, but the argument goes like this Jesse Kelly. Listen, Twitter's a private company Facebook's, a private company, Google's credit company. They're not the federal government. It's not an infringement on your first amendment rights because it's not like congress is saying band Jesse Kelly. So if conservatives want to fight back, we should create our own playground that we can play with in the meantime, why should we complain? Wh what's wrong with that argument? I mean, why should we suggest that a corporation should adopt constitutional values in the way, they go about their business. Well, we shouldn't. We don't want to empower the government to control social media in any way. So they're not necessarily. Why would they make that argument? But and this is a big. Dot. Twitter is treated by law. Senator take cruises tweeted about this has talked about this Twitter is treated by law. As a platform as an open platform, that's the way their tax structures. That's the way they're treated only. They're not a platform when you routinely band voices on the right and voices on the right? You're not a platform anymore. You are now a publisher now your progress. Now, you're Newsweek now, you're the New York Times. And so you are now governed under different laws, and they need to be governed under those laws. They're clearly a publisher. And that's why I warned everybody back in August when they banned Alex Jones. Yeah. Alex Jones is a nutjob. But I thought everybody you ought to be careful what he was was a test case because they're going to start coming for more mainstream conservative voices and turned out. I was. Yeah. It's true. Jesse Kelly's our guests. Bring cart combat veteran. He is a radio host. But we don't talk about that. Because it's the only radio show you care about. And he's also cedar to the federals recently banned from Twitter for being conservative that it really is you're guilty for being conservative. They're also something else happened over the weekend. In fact, I think you were commenting on it. The people started getting banned from Twitter because they were expressing their. Opinion that if a person is born male just because they put on a dress and say that they're female that doesn't actually make them female. This is not part of their policy. Am I am? I correct there. You are correct there. And that's what I want. I'm glad you brought it up. That's what I want people to understand. But we talk about dissenting voices. We're not talking about lower taxes. We're not talking about maybe a different view on abortion. We're talking about basics. Like science like saying, Amanda Borden band is a man these insane. The most insane liberal policies in Saint liberal platforms. You can think of are now being entrenched in etched in stone in our society and anybody who says otherwise it's going to get tough. And that is a scary scary place to be Jesse. I got to ask you. How long has it been forty eight hours now two days when did this happen Saturday? I think it feels less than twenty four hours. It happened yesterday. All right. Putting up Christmas lights, which I'd rather be shoving a nail with by putting a Christmas by somebody. All right. So you must be going nuts. I mean, the gimme gimme a few tweets here. Jesse that you you wish you could have tweeted in the last twenty four hours, but you weren't able to do if I had to tweet one thing right now. Larry all I would say is Twitter needs me more than I need Twitter. Life is good. Could you take me on that? At least could you? I would. But I can't tweet it could you could you at least direct people to Larry O'Connor show dot com in the tweet. I guy got I'm giving you this platform. I can't put it out there. I am band. Apparently the Twitter back. All right. Well, I think we'll all tweet that for you. Have you seen by the way, the reaction? Did you see that insta- pundit his deactivated his account one of the most popular and gosh, I mean Glenn Reynolds evinced opponent is sort of the grandfather of us all in the in the micro blogging blogging community. A lot of people are coming out on your behalf. Do you think that will make a difference? It's certainly might. I will tell you. Now, I knew my account was was was fairly popular. I've been a bit floored at this reaction when there are senators tweeting about it. I I I'm I'm a little bit Florida got quite this big. But I think people are waking up again, it was easy to laugh it off. But it was some nut job on the fridge. When they come for me. I mean, like I said, I don't even cuss on there. They decide I I'm not allowed to have the more people on the right really should wake up. By the way, any liberals anyone on the left coming out in favor of on your behalf. And supporting you there were as a matter of fact, in fact, one of Ellen's producers, Andy last body, your mind came out and said, some seventy screech out of it. Loud buddy said I don't agree with Jesse on a single political thing in this world of this banishment is complete garbage every done anything to anybody could for habit. I don't. But I'll tell you what I did do. I spoke the truth, and that is becoming a dangerous thing these days, by the way, Jesse Kelly despite a couple of people from weekly standard sort of celebrating you being banned even Bill Kristol went so far is to say that he tended to agree that you shouldn't have been banned. That's why you said he tended to agree with that. But he wouldn't he wouldn't go further than that. Does that does that? Well, I I appreciate him taking a strong stance. Jesse kelly. Thanks for joining us. Now that you can't tweet. You know, you're welcome here anytime, I know you've got a little radio show. But you know, this is wwl mayo in Washington DC, so need I say more. Big time, man. Jesse same here. Thank you for everything. That's just see Kelly their boys and girls, and he's not on Twitter anymore. But I think he'll be back. I think I think what's going to happen is they're going to bring him back. And he's going to say, you know, what I'm good. I don't need to be back that I hope that happens. In fact, we might need to do that sometime soon here very sent its four fifteen let's check in with Ron bell. Syracuse in the Hadeed carpet cleaning traffic center.

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