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KCBS coming up on KCBS or Paul surprise show in the Big Apple. KCBS news time seven forty five. We check sports with Bruce McGowan that doesn't seem to be any team that can slow down the as they beat Texas. Eight to four scoring five runs in the first couple of innings rookie out, Peter. Ramon Laureano set the tone with a couple of homers. Second time this year. He's done it. This young man has come out of nowhere. And he looks like a five tool player he can hit hit for power run field and throw Bob Melwood was asked about that. He has all the tools, I think we'd probably need to wait a little while before we we classify him as a five to a player, but the physical presence and he was able to throw. He's got some power obviously runs. Really? Well, maybe on his way to call him one of those guys. Meanwhile, the as bullpen gave the starters a break seven pitchers subdued Texas white Trenton finished it off Jonathan Luke ROY caught them all behind the plate. And he wasn't pressed injuries courses starting staff. We got to pick up those innings somehow we got to cover those innings somehow, and it's not ideal. But we gotta do we gotta do to cover those innings. Great game is definitely a team won six straight losses for the giants. Is there? Fading quickly down the stretch with the score tied to two in the seventh inning. The giants not up with Bill walkie left handed reliever. Tony Watson was facing poking slugger. Hey, agw alarm with a couple of men aboard agenda the gap. Here comes the back runner. He's going to store. Eventually come in here. The seven comes up with a big hit to Milwaukee beats the giants to maintain the top spot on the National League's wildcard chase Dwayne Kuyper where the coal on NBC bay area. Other critical games. Houston beat Boston. Six to three Astros scored three in the eighth inning at Fenway to break up a tie game Yankees. Shut out the slumping Mariners up in Seattle four to nothing Masahiro Tanaka. Tin strikeouts. Nate innings of work dodgers now half a game back a Colorado. Clayton Kershaw six solid innings got the win and a four to LA victory over the Rockies as Yasuo. Puig homered college. Football sixteenth ranked TCU over SMU forty two to twelve tennis. It's going to be Novak Djokovic. He'll be trying to win his fourth US open men's championship. He'll take on one Martine del Potrero who was able to win after Raphael..

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