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Kyla Murray is now in Arizona cardinal. We never have I picked again, if we do I I won't be the coach share. I'm sure so coach cliff Kingsbury after the cards took Marie in the first pick of the NFL draft, Paul Calvin. We'll have more sports in just a couple of minutes. It's time for your off central story where we tell you about people in our community. Doing extraordinary things raising a child is difficult for any parent. But raising a child with a disability can feel especially isolating. That's why one valley mother created Dame's which stands for differently abled mothers, empowerment society. KTAR Taylor Kendra has the story themes is an online community there to provide self-care tools to mothers who are raising special needs children. That's Michelle Thorne. She's the mastermind behind Dame's. And she says it all started when her son and daughter who are six and three were both diagnosed with autism. She said shortly after. Their diagnosis. It was really hard. And I really fell into a lot of depression. Thorns says the thing that helped her most was finding yoga and other coping mechanisms which she felt the need to share with other mothers. That's what inspired thorns to create this online community with a self care that provides mental health resources for moms. These are things as simple as workout reminders, yoga tutorials, even meditation. Tips mother's like Rebecca Ruth whose daughter suffers from chronic migraines. And fibromyalgia says Dame's is a lifeline she needed. With Dame's the biggest thing that I saw was that. I would get reminders. Hey, today's Monday meditation day, get up and meditate do something even five ten minutes for yourself, which thorn says is exactly why she started Dame's in the first place teams. We're trying to provide opportunities and things so that mothers can start reinvesting themselves and mother's like gale noble, who's thirty five year old son has autism says she wishes something like games would have been around when she was raising him would have been amazing. I had one resource when my son was younger in terms of just where myself, and that was another mother. In Florida Taylor Kiner up KTAR Nin. Find more details and learn how you can get involved with Dame's at KTAR dot com. Jimmy, seven twenty five and here's detour.

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