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It's called the Red Hand fish is the one that I saw at the aquarium that I was at ripped balls on because it had hands it. What's harming? But then people started sending me a Meam. And there is a neem out there of this exact fish, so yes, all the people that sent me the mean going is this official. Yes, you're right. It's it's the fish holding its arms out between the two rocks. And just up onto says, excuse me rocks. Oh my God. Looking and yes that is the fish. I know it is the Red Hand fish. That's what I looked at up could have a more official name the one in the mean is yellow my God, isn't that? But isn't it? Zere saving Stephen showing us a photo of him. He's disturbingly excuse me rocks. So yes, this is the fish. We were talking about last time everybody back on Twitter because as far as I know, I know do anything wrong Instagram, maybe one person comments on thing other than. Yeah. You gotta jump on Twitter and just people let you know, I actually responded to that Libya Coleman because the Olympia Coleman message that she was actually on that Mitch on web look came in. I would say at like seven thirty AM. Ouch. And then I just I wrote back while corrections corner starting early on this one. You gotta know. Yeah. You gotta know. We've got to be told don't like it. We do. Also, just I I'm so behind on my true crime TV there's people who constantly like have you seen finding Neverland? Have you seen whatever these shows are that come out? And I'm I would say I'm five behind which ones are that. We need to watch. Oh, dude. There's one. Yes. What were you gonna say? Would. I I mean, the list goes on all the ones everyone's already talked about this one where this girl gets kidnapped by her neighbor. Yes, it is the most fucked up fucking show I've ever seen. What is it called? Hello. Yes. -ducted in plain sight. Yes. Even I think you actually told me about it. Yeah. I text was one of those are you watching this right now in freaking the fuck out alone. And I just figured that. You'd have to put it on the exact same friend. I was alone at home drinking white wine. Should we just done that happened? Yeah. It does. It just didn't know how fucked up. It would be listen there's aliens it's just it's similar to finding leaving Neverland because it's like why didn't the parents do anything. Right. We'll you know. What's funny? I have listen to people talk about this and quietly smiled and nodded my head because I haven't watched it. And every time I go to watch anything all in want to do is watch this Prentice, I'm almost through the rest of season sick. I don't wanna waste my time on this thing. I want to go to I'm in this kind of like weird violence yet philosophical on. We I don't wanna go into child molestation. I mean, it's very. Triggering and troubling an awful awful. It's what we all pay attention to. I mean, it's just fucked up, and it's cautionary. Yeah. It's a lot. It's a lot. Yeah. It's people need to know. This is how it happened. Right. They need to know the should know. All right. Speaking of crime, speaking of true crime Livia Cole. Her all moderates Homerton college. Cambridge is hoping to that one. You get. So that everyone was like come on. We all have Komen bingo that we're playing she going to say what college she wouldn't talk about her first college, not just her theatre school. That's right. What she doing twenty seventeen. We wanna know pockets pockets pocket, I need that. I n g. That. C b I engine right pockets. He garin. Yes. Here's something. Interesting. Did you know that studies show that security systems deter burglars? Did know that it's a fact, but there's a burglary every eight seconds in America. Well, burglars don't give up just because some houses have security systems. They find.

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