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Tell me I get impeached that's when I get out of by these radical left lunatics I get impeached but that's okay the farmers is sticking with trump the night shooting four more years president trump a getting a well a wide ranging applause there when he mentioned to anyone else script and not mentioned impeachment of course that gets under way and this week the latest though it looks like our Republicans and Democrats are it well sparring old horror ground rules so once those get established then they will move forward on Tuesday of the Democratic National Committee announcing its criteria for the first debate to be held after voting begins in the twenty twenty campaign including a new pathway to the stage based off delegate pledges now as they have before qualifiers will need to meet polling in grass roots funding threshold to participate the February seventh debate in New Hampshire bought new for next month the pathway centered around delegates based off the results of the leadoff Iowa caucuses any candidate awarded at least one pledged delegate to the DNC as calculated by the party will be able to participate look for the candidates that don't make it to complain about the process Toyota will stop making its to calm a small pickup in San Antonio next year as a shift production to Mexico but I Toyota says that no US jobs will be lost to make up for the work the San Antonio plant will build a circle so quite a large SUV preserving about thirty two hundred jobs currently the to calm and full size tundra pickups are built in San Antonio factory in Baja California Mexico also produced the Tacoma late last year another plane Mexico began building the Tacoma best buys investigating its C. E. O. Cory Barrie after receiving an anonymous letter making allegations against her Best Buy declined to disclose the allegations but the Wall Street journal reported it saw the letter which accused of having an inappropriate romantic relationship with another executive Best Buy says it's hired an outside law firm to investigate a berry was named CEO of Best Buy just six months ago and Comcast has unveiled its new streaming service peacock or the plan for it anyway NBC bringing some of its original content by splitting off other originals Frasier is on CBS all access doesn't feel right I know a former VP of content at Netflix Elizabeth Bradley told CNBC that July fifteenth launch date for peacock makes it one of the last to enter the streaming wars but it may have an advantage because of live a TV yes really the unknown PI think live viewing is one of the great unknowns as we move into this on demand universe.

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