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Has left two people dead and seven others wounded five other people were hit by vehicles after the shooting that shooting happened at an impromptu block party deputy chief Johnny Jennings tells WSOC TV it started out as a Juneteenth celebration what started out as something positive on Friday has escalated into this police responding to a call of a pedestrian hit found hundreds of people on the streets shots rang out afterwards there was evidence of multiple shooters Charlotte resident Martha Stewart says she's very upset about the shooting just the mere fact that I'm saddened by what happened you know like what more do we have to do to end the violence in Seattle for the second time in less than forty eight hours there was a shooting and that cities occupy protest zone but they said the seventeen year old victim declined to speak with the tech detectives leaving the circumstances on clear the shooting happened late Sunday night in the area known as chop for Capitol Hill occupy protest that followed a predawn shooting Saturday that left a nineteen year old man dead and another person critically injured presidential politics is coming to bear on the Senate's work for police reform Capitol Hill correspondent Bob Agnew report California Democrat Camelot Harris is now the front runner for being selected as Joe Biden's twenty twenty running mate Paris is playing a leading role in advancing your party's version of police reform over against the Republican version championed by the only black GOP member Tim Scott of South Carolina that was here is under pressure to look vice presidential even as he tries to advance a package of reforms viewed by most Republicans as too radical she may find herself voting for Scott's package viewed by the left side of her party is falling well short of real reform by you reporting on Wall Street the Dow by a hundred fifty three points the nasdaq rose one ten the S..

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