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One zero one one we've all had indication up to this point about what's going on and then of course reporting it is difficult especially when you know that the show is being tampered with and we've been getting emails and calls from all sorts of things we're doing our best and we thank you for your patience we really do I'm gonna talk to John Carmen now former secret service agent John hi you're on ground zero I guess you can see I love you notice they're pulling the barricades or if the White House defeated presence in danger hearings possible I'm pretty booked up because I did work there I understand how things are going if they try to break the barricades were jumped the fence is not actually arrested people jump the fences back here years ago back in the late seventies I wouldn't call her ministrations the officers have been improved now they're much better but they still could possibly jump the fence overtakes certain areas but they're going to get shots you can see blood should if they if they penetrate the first line of defense and then you're that's gonna be a big serious issue that means they're gonna have to rush him out of there they may drive them out to me climb out or some of the third option which we will discuss a mere words but it's obvious that they're trying to do anything they can to protected ministration and use this as a a pretext even though it's a separate incident but for that state people of the police officers involved in that incident with the the George Floyd murder take immediate action so as a as a former police officer and the secret service agent what are your thoughts on what the officers were doing with George Ford okay martial arts background top of that and I watch very carefully the videos and I only recently just got to see the second officer who's actually putting pressure on Lloyd's back while he was handcuffed which means you keep it in from breeder the officer direct Calvin C. H. U. V. I. N. he was the one that was applied pressure with his need directly to all its neck on the side of the neck which is your carotid artery not to the back of the neck not to trick you into the front the direct to the side of the neck and serious pressure so it wasn't getting oxygen in the brain so he wasn't getting oxygen to his brain they're saying all these talking you can breed but he wasn't getting oxygen to his brain if that part of that artery was blocked yeah it's it's like a sleeper hold in judo uses assaulting its insure me was a so called to think like that but the joke is that the proper term directional cold but this is what would be called a sleeper type of hold the pressure old and if you do a special technique that I'm not supposed to discuss because it's restricted maneuver martial arts thing there's another maneuver where you had a certain number and do the the sleeper all they go out almost immediately and these guys didn't act like they knew what they were doing in that respect martial arts but they were still continuing pressure over eight and a half minutes that's the phone call for you so you you grab a guy you cut him up you your search and then you make sure there's any weapons in the apartment of their going to transport him or if he's suffering from medical issue which he was it may have been drinking is even his speech pattern of personal use talking he sounded pretty bad there you go to the hospital with these guys continue to own is that you don't have any I live and I don't know if this is verified you know of any truth to the idea or the rumor that both he both the child and and and George Floyd work for security company at one time and that they know each other yeah I heard some rumor to the effect that if that's the case you know there's other history the people look at the I just did a little research today and apparently Charbel involved in several other incidents and eighteen complaints against him he was involved in a fatal shooting at a leisurely punched in head coach says spect that's an automatic civil rights violation and usually get charged with it or you do your job and I know people have done that U. S. customs separate incident listed as a martial arts expert and he coughed up the soul as feet as a weapon that's a separate possibility but that's not what happened so this guy's got a history and that's a good issue to govern him a long time ago yeah I was I was reading somewhere that any clover charm who would be candidate for the vice president of further actually vice president running mate with a Joe Biden actually knew of him and let him ed and and turned away every time that they made a complaint so it just seems that she's out of a she's out of the picture for being the vice presidential running mate for Joe Biden yeah she was the chief prosecutor at the time during the charges against this officer so it doesn't look good these people don't know what they're talking about I even heard of peach cream DDL like you know rush miss miss quoting information just like a lot of other people said all of the holy ghost witnesses on the on the on the guy's neck comes with Piper he threw for Britain though less so what it was but it was an indirect pressure old and that's a promotional tool and other experience wall course lobsters with though why he continued on for fully half minutes that's just beyond yeah I'd so the rest of the other guys together there's more to this I think didn't and then meets the eye and what I mean by that is is that there was a vendetta or a plot of some kind where a small group of officers whether they be Minneapolis or St Paul we're looking into creating of a major insurrection type of maneuver and like he was targeted yeah you know and and and and we're seeing these the classic version of agitprop classic versions of PSYOP we're we're seeing it all happening right now and the people are responding to add to what what they're seeing and and and of course if they can control this but the the the their response will be of course a beefed up I'm sure there are drones now flying over Minnesota I'm sure they're gonna be dispatching drones over the cities that could open fired anytime I mean these are things that we were so outraged they don't even realize we're doing everyone speaking last night about how the third precinct they were smelling gas of the reporters are smelling gas and so I'm just going out there thinking that if gas were to ignite their the third pre third precinct eight of people have been killed adult most cocktails out these these people work are well trained in these antifa groups and animal remind everybody back Rodney king during that time they had special LAPD units there were S. I. S. and they would go after targets certain individuals that were supposedly bad guys yeah but you know what happened on the Rodney king thing and those guys got off even after they violated and then we'll over extended themselves beating the guy with the of the times will do because of certain Becker cooked up so they don't know why it's enormous people got hurt and exactly as you said earlier they didn't back and Jackie magic Jack Holden said that they didn't back up into your career town and you get the people's stores and shops and residents who's there to protect themselves the cops wouldn't go wirelessly connect to a car and they were getting shot at and they're breaking into vehicles and smashed them up so they're not even safe so you got to call their support yeah I think it's going to be different now I I think that we're a national guard and but perhaps even strong cities we've we know the strong cities network for a long time and how they move in and I really appreciate the call John thanks for calling and you bet you bet let's go to Chris in Texas like crazy on ground zero Hey I just want to make a point that today's really special day it's John fitzgerald Kennedy's birthday wow and one thing I want to make with that strong cities enforcement network is that even George Soros said himself that will be calling for it if if they tear everything down in the city eventually the cairns in the suburbs are gonna scream for somebody to take over not not Soros well you know you whichever one it's all the same to them I was just wanting to make a point that you know with the with the taxes and other revenue that been struck in the past five months they're not gonna be able to play these pieces of peace officers correctly and so with the fraternal order of police officers watching each other's backs and Turner they're they're they're blind all right it's not going to work anymore these people are going to go to the suburbs where we think we're all safe and we we keep going to our grocery stores and and we wear masks and and and everything's fine and and the overnight crews and the night out in the olive branch is trying to keep everything peaceful eventually we're all going to pay attention to that and is on purpose yeah here's a reason not to wear your mask people people wear that mask you won't even be able to know who they are that said that this is insane I mean you know if you're gonna wear your mask in public now especially when you know there could be people that could be moving into the suburbs and creating problems you're pretty crazy is that is all I can tell you I mean nothing applies anymore nothing applies down another that none of the social date I mean it was really a hollow today I was watching the news really hollow as they were observing that acted riots no one was social distancing I'm thinking give it a rest put a sock in it this is your basic Romans three ten collide it's not all right just man among them not one I just I just shook my head and I thought are you kidding me and then of course the the ever lovable don lemon on CNN there's a but there are two viruses in this country code nineteen and racism I think it all man that's your Edward R. Murrow moment right there Mr lemon that your basic Minerva initiative trying to purge the propaganda into everyone's mind promise them an exact drop you you say that if there is like going yes the diseases raises about covert nineteen but you know nobody's going to do social distancing a riot no one's going to care about social distancing of their hiding in their homes from some deranged individual that things that they're going to burn down your house because of something that went down in Minnesota this is insane when you can't play the game I mean none of these leaders know what they're doing obviously they don't government is failed everybody if they have and if we get it we probably forgive and forget on November the did you know there were elections I'd be very very ashamed of America I tell all my co workers to be ready by November something is something is brewing it states it's very electrifying that you go to the grocery store and you see people with and without masks and they're all looking at each other and they're deciding whether that.

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