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Chime time is four zero nine and Doyle have the day off Michelle Palencia here along filling in. Feeling good. Jeff. Yeah. Yeah. Doing fine fine day. So Dennis made a Stromboli any left it in the refrigerator. I just had a during the news break. No. I just had a piece there's more in the refrigerator, but I'm just telling you because I don't want everybody else here in the building to go running to the refrigerator to get the rats eat more for us. And then like I denied it. You did how did ni- Dennis Malloy walking up to you and saying I made this Stromboli legitimately just dropped my son off we just I took Yeta a swim practice this morning. He was he they moved him up a level. Like the youngest kid. He had trouble with it. I said, let's go manual burger, you know. And so we could sit down and talk it through. I just like devoured like eight thousand calories, and then there's like Stromboli, and I'm like, I do, but I don't I just give them five is. I don't think you believe me. I don't think he did. I mean, I have the receipt. I think in my. Showed them the receipt. Because the or you're delivering was off because it got extremely awkward. Offended that you didn't take this drum by now. So I wanted it was a good. It was delicious. No. I mean, everything and makes us delays. I just wanted to never ate any business. But I've never been around for something. Really? You are missing out. So. Gollner trainer. Heat it up. Now, I had a cold, and I was still delicious. I'm good. I'm doing at five o'clock. I'm glad. What time did I try Denison Stromboli? Five six we should do the hour on. If somebody offers you food do you ever reject them being now, why somebody if somebody who's an amazing cook offers you a meal, you don't say now, I forget what. The situation. But like this is right in line with it that I I've discovered about myself, and you probably knows about being like more than I do. I really am incapable of or I'm not good at it. At least I like hiding like my true thought. That's why I love it. I cannot love that about you. Really? I think there's not a person in this world who ever goes. I wonder what Jeff stands on this. Really thinks like I I'm I'm incapable. I know what part of it is though real. But do you ever go home? And you're like I wish I call the time line. Just lie legit loathe being lied to a white lie. I understand like if my own benefit, but like the actual like straight up lie nothing is more. And you know, the weird because I don't believe in like astrology, right? But. Irreplacable books if you're a Scorpio Scorpio and without fail. Like, they all say that like scorpios can like forgive. But will not forget, and I am that. I you lied to me. No, I've never liked, you know. I'm not accusing me. Somebody people have lied to me. Like, I I could move on by I will never ever ever ever ever ever ever like forgive or forget. It's weird. But maybe that's part of the reason. Why I I'm so incapable of it like, then there's times with dealing with bosses and stuff like a woman thing, I forgive. But we don't forget what you call me woman. I can relate to that. I I I don't really forget either. Now. I was gonna say Boston's like all like try like to lie because like you have to lie to all. You know what I mean? Maybe you don't want to say that when our bosses listening. No, I would never lied to an. As it is being broadcast in the building the building. So they want to keep the Boston live right now. Nowhere like a boss ask you a question. And like, you know, that like, maybe they want your opinion, but you're afraid to give your opinion. So I'll start giving like my not true opinion. And as I'm talking like, it's like, the word cloud opinion, just filters out. I really led to go all the way with it. I've been capable I'm incapable of telling the truth all the time. I love you reacted afterwards. I can't believe I cannot believe what? That I have to lie and say, no, listen, you didn't say too much, and that's me lying to give you the first. So we had an came in our new boss last year, the January so right as she was bringing everybody who's great she's bringing everyone in for like, a little meet and greet a one on one, right? I like going in. I sit down on the fooling nobody is. She goes, oh, you know. How do you like about the station? Ninety minutes later. I'm still sitting there thinking what the whole you're an idiot. Shut up. Just shut up. I couldn't incapable incapable hysterical. But again, that's why we love you. Yeah. It's going on like two hours. Can you just imagine you put your little kindergarten or on the school bus? And then you you're waiting at the end of the day. Like, how was your first day of school and there they don't they're not there? There's no bus. How you get lost for two hours. I don't know. So this one mom in the article says that her son was scheduled to get dropped off at four fifteen at six fifteen God, she gets in our car. Jeff to go looking for the bus. Okay. And she finds the bus driving around lost beeps gets her son, and our her son's friend or like a neighbor son off the bus to bring them home. Who's the more on driving the bus? Please. Does the bus driver get this? Yes, or no on the spot. Okay. That's your opinion. Do you think they fired the bus driver? I really hope. So. Okay. All right. They did. They did fire the bus driver because that's a simple phone call right over. Call somebody anybody go online. How do you get lost for two hours? What point do you say like, yeah, I need to pull over and figure this out. Not just keep driving for two hours. That's insane. I don't even know how this happens to be honest with you. It seems it it's a it's a modern life thing that kids today are not gonna experience. There was joy in getting lost. I never had joy with in getting lost. I always had panic when I was never wanted to get lost. When I first got my driver's license. I would like purposely tried to get lost to explore go out into the world. And you know, my neighboring Canada. I'm not kidding you. I love getting less than like, you know. Dr. The greatest thing in the world. When I first got my license just to get in the car listening to music force. Why are you doing tonight? We're Dr driving. We're just everybody does. Sometimes we will drop to just drive and keep going and trying to get back. That's fun. Do that anymore. Yeah. The GPS. You know, I I can't agree with that one. So this hour the phone number's one eight hundred two eight three one O one point five and you're right. Like, I don't know if people. Well, yeah. I mean, obviously you've been lost driving. But that's something that you just shouldn't happen nowadays. There's no reason for anybody to to get lost. No. The only time you get lost. Now is it happens to me? And I want to punch a hole through my windshield is when like the GPS keeps it make make another left threat. If you make another day get taken right back to where you started such a dad I wanted like my phone. My phone at the minimum. Pennywise dunk. We'll have to call somebody. I'm lost da. I don't want to drive around for hours. So we want to hear your stories where you were lost. Task on you were driving, and you made.

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