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Being prayer meeting it was the sixth and final attempt on his life this time by a Hindu fanatic not to rum goad say say go say was born on May Nineteenth nineteen ten as a young teenager. He was a supporter of Gandhi and his his fight against the British even considering the Mahatma and idle however when he was nineteen goats as family move to the coastal town of Nog Yousry not long after the family arrived goats safe found a new idol. Then Nyack Demo- Dr Dr seuss Darker Savar. Like Gandhi was a rebel against British rule but unlike Gandhi he fought with weapons when he was captured in nineteen ten. He was sentenced to fifty years in prison. But after a decade behind bars Savar Savar car was moved to Ruggeri where he was eventually allowed to walk the streets essentially under a glorified house arrest by nineteen twenty nine. He had gained a devout following not to Rahm. Gold say among them but a more militant approach wasn't the only difference sounds between Savar car and Ghandi's philosophies Gandhi though Hindu preached non-violent cooperation with India's Muslims Savar car however believed in a Hindu. Country devoid of all Moslems. He believed that though. Hindus Sikhs Buddhists and James James could reach a place of peace together Muslim and Christian identity was to at odds with the Indian civilization. Some I'm of Savar. Cars Hindu extremist followers saw only one solution to these differences in opinion. Gandhi had to go but he was too powerful to sideline politically. There was only one way to get rid of him assassination but they. He also knew that Gandhi had a history of surviving assassination attempts including several by goats. Say himself on June soon twenty-fifth nineteen thirty four. Gandhi survived an attempted car bombing while on his way to deliver a speech in Poona ten years later in July nineteen forty four gold say attempted to Stab Gandhi at a punch Ghani resort but was stopped by the owner of the Lodge Gandhi. Gandhi was staying in two months later. Gold say tried yet again. He and several other extremists intended to Stab Gandhi. While the leader was at an Ashram in Bombay otherwise known as Mumbai however a crowd at the Ashram foiled the attempt. The fourth attempt took place two years later in June nineteen forty six while on a train headed for PRUNEA. Someone had placed a number of boulders on the track however the train conductor saw the boulders ahead of time and slowed the train though the train did hit the road block it. Slow slow speed prevented the train from derailing. The fifth attempt was conducted by a cabal made up of not to Rahm goad say and several other extremists while Gandhi conducted one of his Birla House prayer meetings on January twentieth nineteen forty eight the conspirators threw a grenade into the crowd with the crowd scattered. A second grenade was supposed to be thrown closer to Gandhi but the police were closing zing in and the assassins had to flee one was captured but God say escaped leaving him free to return earn to Birla House. Ten days later this time he was carrying a Beretta. M Nineteen thirty four semi automatic pistol. Toll the sixth attempt was successful as the world mourned the death of Gandhi. The the call for justice rang just as loud in total nine people were arrested including goad say and Vinayak of our car the authorities firmly believed that the radical Savar car was the mastermind behind the conspiracy at his trial. Gold say never never once denied the murder in fact while in court. He explained why he was called to kill. The Mahatma Gold say believed that Gandhi betrayed his country and the Hindu people. His empathy towards Muslims divided the country not just politically but also literally with the formation of Pakistan. There was no question of the verdict eight of the nine conspirators were found guilty not to Rahm. I'm good say amongst them. Although Savar car the man believed to be the architect of the plot was acquitted due to lack of evidence. The GO-TO say was hanged on November. Fifteenth Nineteen forty nine not to Rahm. Tom Goad say is a modern day hero to some Hindu nationalists with some even arguing that he should be considered a patriot and though it's been troubled troubled by allegations of racism and Misogyny to most of the World Ghandi's legacy burns much brighter. He remains one of the most recognizable recognizable proponents of peace and nonviolence and continues to inspire hope for a better future around the world Thanks for listening today in true crime. I'm Vanessa Richardson to to learn more about the life and death of Gandhi. Check out the PODCAST. Original famous fates exclusive on spotify. Today and true crime is the park cast original. You can find more episodes of today and true crime and all other podcast originals for free on spotify not only to spotify already. Have all of your favorite favorite music but now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy all of your favorite podcast originals. Like today true crime for free from your phone desktop for smart speaker to stream today and true crime on spotify. Just open the APP and type today and true crime in the search bar at podcast. Grateful full for you our listeners. You will allow us to do what we love. 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