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Experience where kids are working collaboratively onto even different levels. You'll have some of the more experienced kids as project managers, and that's been out. It's going to be really cool. Oh my goodness. So it's Monday. It's monday. I think and and you guys just finished back to back toback sessions all in the same room. Thank god. You didn't have to like go places like like to the north hall, which is like to walk from here. So tell everyone a little bit about what you just talked about. If you wanna go through the three three sessions a little bit. All right. So I guess the three sessions were part of the CS firehose. I guess Microsoft. It's parched. It's part has something to do with Microsoft. And I forgive me for not knowing exactly what it is. But so the first session was bringing physical computing to any classroom. Second one was creating in Minecraft you though, Muslim Mike captain code Bill coat builder. And then the third one was our big cooder make code, arcade. Like, what was that called? It's an arcade something. Yeah. And so that's the latest piece of the my make code family. So really it was all about make code which is Microsoft's learn to code tool, which is fantastic, it's free. It's available cross platform, which I love on the physical computing side. I mean, like Cathy was able to show you know, what you can do with the micro bit and the circuit playground. And there are other devices that you could program directly with make code, and then, you know, bridging that next session on Minecraft the things to do with coding in Minecraft with make Kotor pretty awesome. So like think of it, you know, we've got kids already super excited about mine craft. And now, you give them this environment. We want them to learn to code. But why not you know, let it be super relevant to them. So they're coding things to happen in the game. Yes. Which is great and then make code arcade, dictators. Really dug though, we passed around a prototype of a little arcade. Looks like a GameBoy that you can flash the programs too. So kids are. Creating arcade games and actually being able to play him on a physical device. So we're gonna talk about that in a second. But I wanted to talk about I've seen you do this before on Twitter, by the way, we should talk about twitch. This is blowing my mind, but the chickens falling from the sky right is something you've done before. And I think it's so fun. And it was great that everybody. Lively, you get them with that crowd crowd-pleaser for sure. So nothing's purposely save that to the end. Thank you and good night. Without falling from the sky. I was sitting beside Noah, and we were thinking about other frogs and Minecraft no frogs not yet. Because then you replicate that that makes. That's good. So bizarre. So cool, but the device that little little controller those are super cool. Yeah. Yes. Super cool. It's kick it over. And it's so it's so simple. Really? You know, what I mean by today's standards, but it makes so much sense that they were smart enough to make one. But I mean like because it's kind of like, you know, coming. Some like almost like a Maki Maki type thing. But it's, but the beauty is with the screen built in game on it and handing it to your friend. This is the game. I made. I mean, that's just cool. Yes. Yes. So that the vice if people are listening right now, I don't know what we're talking about is basically like a little mini GameBoy. Hey, it's Ross form. Yeah. It is. I mean, there is one available. The brain ring pop. Not pump. No, bring party rain, something not pop. We love brain pop up. But it's not that's not the company that makes this that they do have. So it's improta type..

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