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Legal now wants to bear a lifelong record for that conduct. And so yes, we will start taking a look at that. Making some decisions and some action early next year voters approved proposal one to legalize adult marijuana possession and set up a system to license businesses Whitmer lead Democrats to victories in the state races. Statewide races has Michigan voters turned out in record numbers for the midterm elections. She won the governor's race by a wide margin. Fifty three to forty four over Republican Bill. Schutte voters sent Democrats to seats in two hotly. Contested US house races with Hayley Stevens defeating. Lena Epstein in the eleventh district to replace Republican David Trott democrat Elissa Slatkin got a victory in the eighth district over the incumbent, Mike Bishop. And in other results in the voting yesterday. Democrats also won the secretary of state Jocelyn Benson defeating Mary treat or laying fifty two to forty four percent democrat Dana Nessel defeating Republican Tom Leonard in the attorney general's race. Incumbent democrat Debbie seven retaining her US Senate seat, fifty two to forty six over John James, Republican, Elizabeth Clement and democrat. Megan Cavanagh are the top Boquet vote-getters in the Michigan supreme court all three state ballot proposals one by wide margins. WJR news time to. Hi, I'm Dr Kathleen Eubanks me with the American Academy.

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