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It is time to get with a sectors Joe bean earns one more shot to keep the process alive and a game seven that will have endless ramifications for both sides. And then the warriors they need to win one two without the best player in the world to keep their three Pete Holmes alive. But we'll explain all the pressure is actually on the other side. And then the Lakers run out of advocate is here to figure out who's to blame. And who's the right person to figure all this out? All that and more on a Friday from New York when they get up and thank you so much for starting your day with us Ryan russillo with back and as promised what would here. I know that by the time we finish this morning. You will have solved the problem that the Lakers have that's our goal. That's quest. Easily two hours. It's done. I just want to sit and watch. I need that much time. We'll have that done for you in twenty minutes. But let's start with this game of the night. Sixers raptors Joel Embiid funny moment before the game and be trying to give a little shake hands of Cousy Aqaba. There's no way. You're always sick when you don't play. Well, so I'm not sure how you're going to be feeling tonight. Let's see second quarter Sixers up ten Jimmy Butler. And Ben Simmons throw and again for the monster. Dante says give me one Philadelphia up twelve early now to ten point game and watch Jimmy Butler. No Jimmy butlers. Yes. All balanced, plus the Powell Sixers Sixers thirteen after the foul shot hundred twenty seconds ago. The lead is eleven Butler driving and is good now. Keep an eye on Butler. Here is going back in the other direction. Eight seconds left in the half seven seconds counting down. Poke check steel Kuwait Leonard three to one feeds the buzzer nine first half field goals for Jimmy Butler. Most in any happened is playoff career in the Sixers are up fifteen in the third quarter. It would be NB finding rhythm. The lead is eleven Butler and bead little jumper over Marcus, all plus the foul and be feeling and feeling well on this night at home, take another look curate, Leonard going to the basket look at Joel Embiid playing defense means at the ramp not having any of that. And then more defense. Sixers sixteen points swatted again by 'em being and look at the speed Ben Simmons out in front of the this is the process right in what little microcosm and being with the black on one end Simmons the laying on the other. Now, they're feeling good teams was the lead. Taiwan got in the third and beans got back in the repertoire as well. His plus minus was plus forty last night seventeen points twelve there will be a game seven in Toronto on Sunday. Then if you play that you wanna come back the next game and play by the you know of dental all know, we felt like we met a lot of mistakes and on tonight. They had to be corrected gotta come in. And you know, fight. You know, our backs was on the line tonight. I feel like our back you still and he's on the line. So he's all about defense, man. If we play defense played tonight of in game two and three we feel we can beat anybody. So here's what we had the Sixers clamping down defensively, particularly in transition last night. Toronto scoring a series low eleven fast-break points. That's eleven fewer than their average games one through five. So basically shut that down by fifty percents over solo. I turn to you. And I want to use the word confounding sometimes to describe the Sixers sometimes they look so good. And you wonder why is it that same collection of players occasionally, look so bad?.

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