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For the limited edition rinaldo renegade no top thank you anyway and your doors to show thank you very much by the way the plant this is one of the reasons why people are upset the plan is located in one of the poorest regions in italy and they're planning a strike for next week right happy max topic papa john's and mlb is suspending the papa slam promotion because of what john schneider said it's the grand slam promotion i mean at this point is schnitler not getting into the grand slam stupid to the papa had a rough it's been a review for papa in general but man so the the back story here on a conference call with a marketing agency he used a racial slur it offended enough people on the call that you know the the marketing agency suspended its relationship but you could hear what he was saying the context of the call should matter but now he realizes that the context other call to people does not matter sure so and by the way also worth saying in the irony world this was a call to help him plan his rehabilitation yeah it's a role playing exercise so he can rehabilitate from the first mistake shares papa john down papa john out as chairman of the board of the company he already stepped down ceo young earlier this year he's out of the university of louisville board trustees he was out at their board a couple of months ago this is interesting again this is sports business we're focusing on the deal to name the football stadiums weird on louisville is not what the company it's with him it's the guy like if he wants to name the stadium me me stadium that's an interesting weird dynamic that they now have to navigate you can bet that if he wants to exercise that part of the clause in the contract which does say that if he leaves the company he can change the name as well there will be lawyers associated with that left and right but yeah this is papa is a a not just at louisville but across the country he had a they had a big nfl deal that dissolved in public fashion earlier this year this is a big sports sponsor not just putting their name on stadiums but also you know partnering with teams and league interesting to see what the teams do cause their deals are not affected by absolutely the league's decision to to cut don't think we've heard the end of the of the fallout of papa john at all now onto a happier topic okay a one million dollar challenge pga tour and lpga tour rollout again they're looking to be creative there will be certain holes throughout the year at one or two tournament here next tournament one hole at each place where whoever shoots the best or the lowest score throughout the year on these predetermined holes gets a million dollar bonus although for why not why if it's something else you can do to generate interest in the sport wanna but i think what's even more important that struck me is that it's a level playing field for both the men and women any money perspective yes yes just the way it should be the fact that they are offering equal prize money also noteworthy but for me it's just somebody's thinking they had they had a a version of this prior kodak challenge the fact that they're thinking and doing and trying why not because we've talked about the demo of golf you gotta get some new life i see the the question but i don't see this moving the needle golf has obviously has demographic problems that has problems attracting new new viewers and new players i don't see you said before i've never heard of the kodak challenge existed i don't i don't see this being being that moves the needle we'll see our thanks to bloomberg business of sports report a emma novi williams you can follow him on twitter at novi underscore william things that you could follow me at sasha and you can find me on twitter at big bar sport's sake bar up next scott i speak with bruins sports capital pounder george pine about his affinity for nascar i love nascar i loved the people it was probably when the greatest experience my life listening to bloomberg business of sports from bloomberg radio around.

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