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Day on wnyc maroon vinegar paul and i'm talking to you paul greenberg about his new book the amiga principal seafood and the quest for a long life and healthcare planet paul you're you're hanging out in somewhere in the mediterranean the amalfi coast guitar that's right you're struggling with life in the amalfi coast and a year you think that basically if we may be if we like them if we reduce our animal protein our consumption animal protein eat more fish like they're having what kind of fisher these again anchovies certain l out some macro lots of oily fish fish they call laura a blue fish but not actually blue fish but fish of an oily characteristic so the people who live here they tend to live longer they seem to be healthier in general but there's also some question as to whether it is the reduction in animal protein and the increase of anchovies and the like or if it's there's a weed that some people think might be at the at the at the heart of their lifestyle yeah well that's called purse lane and i i will say that yes just to remember with all dietary studies any diet that you look it's very very hard to figure out what the heck is going on what really truly works the classic example so one of the characters in the book is the greek clinician named artem anisimov i just love segment name artem anisimov bliss twenty times has but anyway so she observed when she was back home in the summertime for she lives in america she was back home in greece she knows that the chickens there were all eating lane and she noticed that when she looked at an egg from one of these chickens it was much brighter orange it was it was it tasted different so she smuggled some eggs back to the national institutes of health and she along with this guy named norm salman salam they looked at the omega three quality in the eggs and they found that eggs that came from the trainees had an omega three level much much higher and make a six layer of level much much lower two to one ratio yeah yeah and so in in america meanwhile it's more like fifteen to one omega six to three why is this important well it turns out that omega six zero mega threes they occur in the american diet in different places but it turns out that omega threes and a mega six is actually compete with one another to elongate shortform omega threes al a short change i could see your eyes glazing over as we but they basically omega threes lead us to resolution make a sixes tend to lead us to inflammation and so what is resolution well just the opposite of inflammation quieting of information so when we eat a lot of omega sixes and omega sixers are coming to us from soil from corn oil from all these sort of industrial modern foods it seems to block the body's ability to take vegetable sources of will make a threes and transform them into the long chain foreign that helps us with resolution and all these other health benefits so it could be it's not just the fish that helped get more omega threes into our body it said if we're eating a lot of corn soy and processed foods that we're actually not able to synthesize a mega threes naturally from vegetable sources that we might be getting so it makes you realize that there's not just a supplement that has to be taken is that we have to lean our diets in the direction of omega threes and away from omega six what does that mean well again that's the pesca ian diet you wanna have a lot of leafy greens a lot of fruits and vegetables stay away from oils which have omega six profile lee more towards monounsaturated fats like olive oil and stay away from cornyn grain fed beef and things like that so personally in which i actually had a personally and salad yesterday my wife got some at the farmers market and i'd never heard of it we know we have principal that's right all greenberg's book yeah yeah and it was delicious salad and yet i guess some people think it's just some random weed is lying around on the in the amalfi coast that's right well you know there there are a lot of leafy dark green vegetables like spinach that have these short chain omega threes in.

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