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Greenstein the city of Fort Worth and the city's expressing their support for police, you Joel FitzGerald state lawmakers get some good news before they go back to work in Austin, the president planning to speak to the nation. Your news all day. Seven o'clock. CBS news on the hour. Sponsored by zoom videoconferencing. I'm Pam Coulter. Seventeen days into the partial government shutdown. President Trump is moving to drum up support for his border wall. Cbs's Paula Reid has the latest President Trump will make his first primetime Oval Office address tomorrow night and on Thursday traveled to the southern border. The last time he visited the US Mexico border was ten months ago, when he toured wall prototypes, you didn't have walls over here. You wouldn't even have a country his publicity. Blitz comes as the White House and democratic leaders appear. No closer to resolving the shutdown. Hundreds of thousands of federal workers are beginning to feel the strain knowing they won't be getting a paycheck CBS's Bill Rakoff reports and McCabe with the national air traffic controllers union says his members are paying for a fight that has nothing to do with them every day that the system is shut down a little piece of the national airspace system. Degrades David mullet of the American federation. Government employees says the impasse is personal the reality is we have.

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