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If you have one give us a call and sabers tonight, they gotta take on Lovie on NBC there. Do you want to go over the lineup because there's the lineup down a few changes because no palm in Ville, and no Bergelin. And you wanna talk about Berlin. I because this is cleared waivers. It's official now he can sign with another team. We learned yesterday. I read on. Yes. So he's basically an. Unrestricted free agent right now. And it's just interesting how this is going to proceed because this is just a as much as you know. He has been put on unconditional waivers with the intent of terminating the contract. You certainly know that it's not going to be just done there. Now, the, you know, the the the next process, I would think would be most likely the NHL the NHL PA is going to file a grievance. All this process is the next part of the process is going to happen now also, and that'll be interesting to see what happens with that. Have we ever seen this? I don't I don't know. I I'm not saying this is the first, but I can't remember if this happened before there've been guy contracts terminated, well, I'd wake I think mardi yesterday discussed about the the situation with Brad. Mike Richards LA, Mike Richards at that time got caught with some. You know, drugs killer drugs at the border, you know, that he had in his shaving kit bag, and whatever he got caught, blah, blah, blah. And what happened was you know, he had I think four years four or five years of of five point seven five million dollar cap hit. So they had to pay him towards a twenty two million dollars. They ended up you know, term they tried to terminate his contract due to him having those drugs and the NHL PA got involved in. There was there was a settlement between the two sides. Mike Richards, never played another game in LA. There was also a situation this year with a with a player. The your no a player in Tampa Bay. Young defenseman at the time. Maybe you can now he just end up recently signing with. Anaheim Anaheim ducks this young man came to camp thirty five pounds, overweight. Okay. He was a two hundred and five pound guy. He weighed in at two forty. It's called Tampa Bay at the buffalo diet exactly Tampa Bay off can do it. I can do it. Tampa Bay was unhappy with him not taking care of himself, which they felt was a breach of the contract. So they basically put him on unconditional waivers to terminate his contract because he's not holding up his end of the bargain. There is a grievance going on now. But in the meantime, that player went and signed a contract with the Anaheim ducks for less money, of course. But you know, that'll that'll that's still I think in the works. Also, so the salary cap opening does that add your wish list is there something you want for this team going down the stretch, we're going to do our wish list, but you can call us eight oh three oh, five fifty eight eight eight five fifty to five fifty. He's at Craig fifty two on Twitter. I'm at the instigator seventy six I told those guys they said they were going to record it when I was walking out. I said if you guys fight tweeted to me. Because these two guys are just going to go out on the the movie last night just scrap. So I'm hoping I was hoping we were going to see a video of that. But I I doubt they did that this guy says merry Christmas. I wished to see Matt Ellis back on the show bang on. I miss Matty wouldn't mind seeing Mattie back on once in a while. Here you see what we can do about that. I think at Christmas wishlist for a lot of people, but might have to wait would be the Skinner signing, Jeff Skinner signing. You know, I think that's another thing people would want, but give us a call eight. Oh, three or five fifty eight hundred eight five fifty to five fifty solo couple changes to the lineup river probably gonna see Remmy Elion, which is good for Remmy Ellie. Yup. Remmy alley rate. Now from what the lines were stated yesterday was the Eichel line would stay together with Skinner and Reinhard. Subotica would have Rodriguez on the right side with Connor Sheree moving up from that from the middle stat line. So you'd have Subotica Rodriguez and Sheree the third line would be middle stat opposed to on the right Zam Gergen's going up and Zam guests. This this. This is the this is the line to me personally that I'm very interested in watching because I think I'm guessing has had a very very nice season up to this point. He's played his position and understanding hovers position. Very well. He's got lots of energy, he's physical. He's I on the Parke's. He's hard on the back. Check. I think that the, you know with the way that he plays, and maybe the confidence that he has right now. This is an exciting line to see Casey in Poso can Gergen's terms and I'm playing with middle stat and okposo I'm just crashing the net. Just get get right? Check out hunger, obviously, hungry in the four check and give the puck to one of those two guys and get to the Netto posters. Great down low. Yes. In middle stab. We know. How crafty he is in Gerguson. Listen. I've always believed in this guy. He's got some finish to his game. Yes. Granted I'll say that few years ago when we didn't have any first line wingers. I'm saying put him on the first line. He's your best most skilled player to play on the wing with Jackie didn't have anybody else. And you bring in Kane you have other guys, but this is a more suited role for him. But I, but when you have this is the this is the part about Gerguson that I think makes him so valuable is he can be that utility guy. He can move up your lineup. And you know what? And if Sherry were to get hurt I believe he could hold his own on the second line for for a week or two if he needed to to to fill a gap, depending on your situation in Rochester, of course. But I don't know. I liked this move. I think this is good for. I think this is good for them. And I think it would give middle stat. No postal a different type of player to play with. Well, is that is that is that I think that's how I see it. Anyway, the way I look at this. And you look at the middle stat Larson, I don't even know who's. The first or the second third or fourth line. You're talking about Rodriguez Sheree opposed to alley Larsen and Thompson. I mean, each one of these lines. I don't think sticks out to me. And that's where we are in a little bit of a standstill right now is we do not have an identified number one. We have a big boy I line, but our second third. They're they're they're not identified as two three and four. These three lines right now, we don't know who's going to get the produce the offense in these lines. But it's exciting to see something a little bit different. And and giving opportunity to a Gergen giving opportunity to Remmy Elie who I think he's going to be obviously, Hungary because he wants to go out. He wants to produce he wants to play. Well, so he can stay in the lineup that it's sometimes when you're hungry. That's when you're going to get the best play from these guys. Did you see genus tweet to us who Gina go? Check Twitter you to read it to you. Yes. Look at these gorgeous creatures. Creature is watching North Carolina. Happy holidays guys watching in North Carolina. Thank you very much. My wish list is as follows from Gino. So that first one was from Gina just to clarify. This one's from Gino acquire another center. Interesting. You should say that. Okay. Because we were going to get to a player here in a second re-signed Skinner. I think that's. And number three C at the instigator in Hollywood production. Acquired another center. What about Artem Anisimov? That up today. Someone tweeted that to us. I mean, you've been talking about a second line center to add depth. You know, Chicago's there Chicago. Yeah. And I think they're going to say that way for the rest of the year while I would imagine I. That went to me. I'm not quite sure that I can jump on that bandwagon. I just think that. We want guys that because if you bring in an ISA mov you're bringing in a player that has four point five five million dollars two years after this year. He's thirty years old. I don't think he's getting faster and the game right now is a boat speed. It's about speed. It's about puck control. It's about playmaking ability. You just have to be able to skate in today's game. And if you don't your team is eventually it's going to struggle and. That's I believe why the sabers right now are having the success that they are is because Jason Bochum at the start of the year went out and addressed the issue that most glaring issue and that was the speed up front and he brought in players Sabotka who who who can move. He can skate Connor Sheree fast Skinner fast. He brought in players to this lineup. And and they've built more speed into this lineup. And so far they're having that success. I think moving forward you whoever you're bringing into this lineup. They better be able to skate, and I just don't think you need some off is that guy. That that I would be looking at. All right. Matt Barnaby gonna join us at ten thirty look forward to talking to him lots of stuff on the docket for that. We're going to tell you about something that's coming up on February ninth that Matenaer doing down at river works and looking it's gonna be a pretty good time. So make sure you you come out and check it out. We'll tell you more about that at ten thirty. And what should what should be on the sabers wishlist is something we'll ask Matt Barnaby as well, as we know he follows the the league pretty closely couple of things here tweets Gergen's is Gergen sins is check not finish. I don't know if one of us said he was finished. But he's Latvian. So he's not even check Joey. So check your head. What up see whoops? Gonna throw a fair gonna if you're on somebody would have never in a million years finish that's number one. And number two. I knew that he wasn't check. I knew that he was from Latvia. Kevin tweets in sabres wishlist, a long stint for CJ Smith with the sabres. Interesting Botts finding a true second line center for the team and healthy long-term defensive core. CD's Smith interesting like what needs to happen injuries. You have that happening right now, you know with positive is. He is he a first call up guy. I don't know what they're thinking there because you've Neil Lander down there. I mean granted I I don't know their health right now. So, but there are a lot of players right now that I think are worthy of call up. And I would even go as far as saying I would want to see a guy like Justin Bailey here like a wishlist for me. And I know this is going off the rail a little bit. But I would if we're going to call somebody up from from Raj. I would love to see what Justin Bailey has to offer the squad in terms of speed with his size and see what he's learned in worked on since being back and Raj. What line was Jason Palmer Ville playing on fourth. No. Or second. He's playing on the second line was he yes. Okay. Okay. Was playing ten minutes a night. So I don't really know that that's a second. I look at I look at I think they play the other three lines pretty. Yeah. I I would look at I would like to see Neil Lander. If anyone's going to be called up. I wanna see the first rounder the eighth overall pick wells had three years to marinate in the minors. He is getting better. He's playing very, well it's and he got called up at the end of last year. I thought he played very well. Those three layer is Neil Lander. Is he went home for the summer? He came back and he looked fantastic in rookie camp. He looked fantastic. In the main camp, I wanna see this guy. Get an opportunity to take his game to the to another level. And sometimes just giving him a little piece of the piece of cookie, you know, to waive that Adam and say, listen, come up play three five games. And then you know, what most likely he's going to go back down because our injured guys are gonna come back and you allow him to continue to marinate and get better and learn in the minors. And I guess what I do as a host and hit the brake on time twenty four fifty rib. Boom. I got to cut you off because we gotta go to break because we don't wanna cut Matt Barnaby short..

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