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No you know they never say shaky descriptions university yeah yeah the phrase age gap allot because that's the only way you can say it without it sounding really bad chicken hawk yeah finally what is a myth what's something people think is true you know to be false something people think is true is that my podcast left coast is hosted by two people and when in fact it is now hosted by me still emission baby left list is is i'm flying solo okay we have a first solo it out today with the jeff weiss former writer for the weekly onto tell you what happened to the la weekly who all a lot of weeklies yeah so the la weekly got bought out in november by these like secret neocon like intermediate yes in clear media at claremont institute people and they're still running it but it says on paper because they fired all the writers and then they were like does anyone have any writers and everyone was like no you yes it's an it's a really incredible story and it's also part of like you know this movement that we've seen across the country of like your local weekly getting fucking bought out or bankrupted or whatever and it real independent journalists and what's crazy is like you know we keep hearing about the death of print journalism you know and i just keep thinking oh that means paper shutting down but what it means instead it turns out is huge national media groups like saint clair buying out like ten papers running superconservative of articles in the oped section and then just using the former prestige of the paper to bleed advertisers as subscription numbers of drop.

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